LEDVANCE North American Headquarters​

200 Ballardvale Street
Wilmington, MA 01887
Phone:  978-753-5000

USA Customer Service and Sales Center

TRADE Partners
Phone: 800-255-5042
Fax: 800-255-5043
Email: ic@ledvance.com
Phone: 800-562-4671
Fax: 800-562-4674
RETAIL Partners
Phone: 800-842-7010
Fax: 800-842-7011
Email: ncssc.retail@ledvance.com

Phone: 800-lightbulb (544-4828)​

Email: lightbulb@ledvance.com

​LEDVANCE Canadian Lighting Headquarters

​5450 Explorer Drive, Suite 100
Mississuaga, Ontario L4W 5N1
Phone: 905-361-9333, Fax: 905-614-1986​​

CANADA Customer Service and Sales Center

TRADE Partners 
Phone: 800-263-2852
Fax: 800-263-2852

RETAIL Partners
Phone: 800-720-2852
Fax: 800-667-6772
Email: ncssc.osl@ledvance.com 
Phone: 800-lightbulb (544-4828)​​
Email: lightbulb@ledvance.com

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National Customer Service and Sales Center
1.800.LIGHTBULB (544.4828)

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