LEDVANCE LINK™ Bluetooth® mesh technology

LEDVANCE LINK™ Bluetooth® mesh technology makes networked lighting control quick, easy and painless. It’s the ideal solution for contractors who want to offer their customers the convenience and energy efficiency of the latest lighting solutions—without the hassle and expense of additional wiring or complicated gateways.​

Using just a few key components, you can tailor a LEDVANCE LINK™ lighting control solution to the exact needs of your customer. In addition to network-ready, connected luminaires, field installable, Plug&Play controllers, sensors, and accessories are compatible with many of our most popular luminaires, making short work of retrofits. 

The system is provisioned through an intuitive and simple LEDVANCE LINK™ smartphone app, and can be controlled by either the app or the wireless wall c​ontroller​.​


LEDVANCE LINK™ Connected lighting solutions are well suited for tenants and building managers who are looking for improved energy savings, greater operating efficiency and enhanced occupant comfort. ​

New construction and retrofit applications of all sizes include: ​

– Offices ​
– Stores ​
– Healthcare facilities ​
– Schools ​
– Arenas and auditoriums ​
– Factories ​
– Warehouses​

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