Light that generates emotions - professional lighting tools for your products

The lighting level can vary in different sections of sales and display areas. To produce good light quality, direct and indirect elements are systematically and creatively used. The interplay of light and shadow has a stimulating and varied effect. Planned effects with spotlights and shadows increase the appeal even more. They highlight the design and impression of the products. With us, you place your products in their very best light. With true-color general illumination, brilliant spotlights or efficient light management.​​

Lighting for supermarkets & DIY​

lighting for supermarkets and diy

​Market operators from all sectors can overcome two key challenges instantly by reducing their power consumption: reduce operating costs and ensure compliance with energy values. Custom-tailored and appealing lighting concepts play an important role in creating a positive sales atmosphere and can also ensure increased sales by favorably illuminating individual products.​

Whether major food discount stores, DIY stores or garden centers – innovative lighting solutions play a key role in optimizing power consumption. Energy guidelines can also be observed more easily at the same time in this way.

“Experience trends, explore products, discover ideas – shopping in specialist stores is increasingly like taking a walk through the consumer world. Shopping becomes an inspirational experience with the right light.”

Light management systems with a sustainable benefit

Thanks to efficient light management systems, we play an important role in reducing energy costs. At the same time, our solutions fulfill all applicable standards for the products and the requirements for environmentally sound design of energy-related products. Our solutions also make a valuable contribution in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. This is especially true also when it comes to comprehensive array lighting. 

Strong staging of products 

Our sales promotional lighting concepts naturally also pay off from an emotional perspective. You can use the effect of light in large-scale supermarkets or hardware stores to create an inviting atmosphere and valuable sales stimuli. The impact of technical equipment can also be intensified further using specific lighting effects. Use us to immerse your products in a new and inspiring light and create sales appeal. Our solutions also contribute significantly to saving energy and reducing costs in the sense of sustainability. 

The advantages of shop lighting

  • You play your part in reducing energy costs

  • You fulfill governement standards for lighting

  • You use light to create a positive shopping atmosphere for increased sales​


Lighting for retail shops​

lighting for supermarkets and diy

Credibility and authenticity are core elements of successful brands. When it comes to clothing, shoes, sports goods, and jewelry, in particular, realistic but also emotional staging is essential. This requires lighting solutions with very good color rendering. Inviting feel-good lighting in stores encourages your customers to stay longer.

Clearly defined colors, fashionable design and an impressive high-quality appearance – the aesthetics of the products decides their acceptance. An appealing presentation is naturally important to achieve this in the fashion and beauty segments. It should reflect the daylight as closely as possible through excellent color rendering. 

“Light can be used to design rooms and create a unique shopping experience that stimulates customers’ senses.” 

The concept sets the scene

 It is really important to determine how the different areas of a store should be illuminated. This includes the facade, the entrance area, the shop window and the interior of the shop. It is essential to know where light is needed and for what purpose in the store: at sales points, over counters, at the check-out, in changing rooms, on mirrors, in relaxation areas, etc. The right light draws your customers’ attention and influences their buying patterns. Light emphasizes products and bathes them in appealing colors. It presents the shop and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Modern sales-focused lighting presents products to their best advantage.


optimizing costs

Light is a critical cost factor in terms of power consumption owing to continuous operation, permanent night lighting as well as intensive lighting during the day. A flexible combination of planar ceiling lighting and individual spots creates a pleasant sales atmosphere, while the right mix also optimizes your power consumption. We can play an important role here with its efficient light management systems. Energy costs can thus be reduced and energy guidelines followed.

The advantages of shop lighting

  • Many years’ experience and excellent consultancy know-how

  • Forward-looking and extensive product portfolio for maximum efficiency

  • Intelligent light management systems with LED technology​

Measuring Success

Today’s consumers want more from their shopping experience – more choices, more exciting displays, more visual stimulation. For today’s retailers, it means offering more than popular brands at great prices. With 90% of purchase decisions being made at the point of sale, it’s all about providing store environments that attract and engage shoppers and ensure repeat visits. 

The right lighting is essential to satisfying these consumer needs, from the sparkle of the window displays to the lighted spaces inside the store. Faced with the need to satisfy today’s sophisticated consumer, retailers are turning their attention to the quantity, quality, and effectiveness of well-designed store lighting as a key component in the sales chain. Good lighting design can contribute substantially to the successful and profitable operation of any store, from the smallest design boutique to the biggest warehouse outlet or big box mass merchandiser. 

New cutting-edge lighting technologies and equipment provide retailers with the tools to drive sales by enhancing the appearance of merchandise, enhancing brand image, and creating a safe, comfortable shopping environment. Because lighting is so closely tied to the attractiveness of a store's merchandise, it directly affects the shopper’s overall experience and buying habits. That directly impacts a store’s overall profitability. It helps retailers respond to the ever-changing trends, fads, and demands of the merchandising world while keeping a lid on energy, maintenance, and operating costs.e 

Lighting and Your Bottom Line 

New or upgraded lighting is a key component in the sales process. 

There’s an old saying in the retail business; “The longer you keep a customer in your store, the more likely they’ll buy something.” To capitalize on this fact, smart retailers have turned to “lifestyle marketing”, providing shoppers with a variety of social, inspiring, interactive and meaningful in-store experiences to encourage browsing, excite them visually and increase the likelihood of a sale; perhaps additional sales. 

Good store lighting creates excitement that conveys an impression and image about the retailer, supports key elements of the retailer’s marketing strategy, imparts a sense of value and worth to merchandise and, most importantly, helps set the retailer apart from the competition. It’s critical, therefore, those store owners and operators understand how their choice of lighting can have a direct effect on their sales performance as well as their, overhead, energy and disposal/recycling costs.  

Change your lighting and you can simplify your lighting layout. Fewer lamp types, standardized wattages and fewer luminaires in the store translates into big energy savings, extended maintenance intervals and reduced labor costs. Because many stores operate seven days a week, even a simple improvement will net big savings, savings that will pay for the system in the years ahead. 

Energy and Sustainability

According to the EPA, on average, America’s retail stores spend close to $20 billion for energy each year. A typical 50,000-square-foot retail building in the U.S. spends around $90,000 each year on energy costs. Energy-saving upgrades can directly improve your bottom line, enhance customer comfort and lead to increased sales as well as a “green” image. The long-term savings can quickly repay the minimal capital investment.

Lighting Design Goals

A well lit retail environment makes for a positive shopping experience and encourages customers to make purchase decisions. Think of lighting as you would any other marketing or sales promotion tool in your store. It should:

  • Attract and guide customers into and through the store.

  • Provide visual comfort

  • Lead customers through merchandise areas safely and effectively

  • Help them find and evaluate merchandise

  • Call attention to specific merchandise and reinforce merchandising themes.

  • Initiate a purchase

Good retail lighting design is a balance between the following three areas:

  • Human Needs

    • Visibility​

    • Task performance

    • Visual comfort

    • Safety 

  • Environmental and Economic Issues

    • Cost of lighting system ownership

    • Energy costs

    • Sustainability

  • Archit​ectural

    • Lighting systems complement building design​ 

Regardless of the space or area being illuminated, the design scheme usually employs a “layered” approach, combining the three basic categories of lighting:

  • General (also called ambient lighting)

  • Local (also called accent or task lighting)

  • Decorative

Lighting solutions for each store will vary depending on the target market, store concept and functional needs of the space.



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