Four-inch vs Six-inch Recessed Lighting Which Is Better?

4 inch recessed lighting4 inch recessed lighting
6 inch recessed lighting6 inch recessed lighting

When you need to add lighting to one of the rooms in your home or business, one of the most popular options today is to install recessed light fixtures. It provides a visually pleasing effect while saving space, especially on ceilings. And the two most common options are four-inch and six-inch fixtures.

If you're wondering which size to install in your home or business, read on.​

​What to Expect with Four- and Six-Inch Re​​cessed Lighting?


Both the four-inch and six-inch designs offer some unique advantages for homes and businesses. And one can also install a combination of the two sizes for a stronger sense of design or symmetry.

Here is a brief overview made by SYLVANIA experts that looks at what the two different sizes can accomplish once you've completed the installation process.​


What 4-Inch Recessed Lighting Could Do What 6-Inch Recessed Lighting Could Do
It enlarges the perceived space in a room through a wall-washing process. It gives the appearance of the structure being further away than it is, reducing feelings of claustrophobia that can happen in tight spaces. You'll receive more coverage with the six-inch design because the higher light output covers more area. If you don't have much room for installation points, you can get equal or better illumination with this option.
This lighting option can focus on a specific area, improving the look of a particular item. It's often used to bring out the beauty of an antique, artwork installation, or a furniture item. It takes less work to revamp an entire room because these fixtures are two inches bigger than their 4-inch companions. One set of lights is typically enough to serve the average room.
It raises the visibility within a room's edges and corners, ensuring that even coverage happens from one side of the space to the other. Multiple trim options are available for the six-inch recessed design, incorporating several different materials, colors, and designs to create an interior décor that works with your space.
It saves energy with its smaller design, creating an opportunity to potentially increase the amount of available light while keeping the utility bills in check. Receive direct control over a room's illumination needs. Several brands provide built-in controls that increase or decrease the amount of light available to use.
The cost of the 4-inch design is a bit lower than other options because of its overall size. That means you'll have more flexibility for further updates or upgrades. Although this product typically costs a little more than smaller versions, it has similar longevity ratings. That makes it economically viable for homes or businesses.


How to Choose Between 4- and 6-Inch Recessed Lighting


When comparing four- and six-inch recessed lighting, you'll find three key considerations to review as you decide which option to select.​


  • Review the installation location. 

A four-inch recessed light works better in smaller spaces. That's why you'll typically find them in cupboards, pantries, or bathrooms. It's an excellent choice for task lighting when you have an under-cabinet or wall installation to use. If you have a bigger room or more expansive spaces to fill, the larger 6-inch design is a better choice.

  • Think about the interior theme. 

Recessed lighting works to create a minimalist perspective in homes and businesses. If you want to get things understated, the four-inch design is a great choice. When vibrancy is your preference, the six-inch design is a better choice.

  • Keep your budget in mind.

The six-inch recessed lights are a bit more expensive than their counterparts, but it takes fewer of them to create a similar illumination outcome. When charting your expenses, don't forget to account for long-term costs to ensure you're getting the best deal possible.


How to Manage Recessed Lighting Successfully


The good news about four-inch vs. six-inch recessed lighting is that they require minimal care to stay in good working order. You don't need to provide them with unique cleaning or treatment options to maintain an upgraded look.

The only thing you need to do is replace the bulbs as they burn out and wipe away accumulated dust and dirt. Don't forget to turn off the switch or disconnect the power source to avoid an unwelcome shock.

As the fixtures age, it might be necessary to replace wiring or circuitry components within the home. It's always better to hire an electrician for tasks you are unsure that you can complete.

You'll find four- and six-inch recessed lights provide a fantastic deal when you need better illumination. Use the comparisons to decide which options work best for your space!



6" or 4" recessed lighting, which one is much better to install on a sloped ceiling?


I would recommend a 4" light. Because a 4" light is nowhere near as noticeable on a sloped ceiling as a 6" light. Because of the angle of the ceiling, the lights will be particularly noticeable, and 6 inches will appear larger.



Should it be the same size used at home?


Size and type should be considered based on actual needs and functionality. It is perfectly acceptable to mix 4" and 6" recessed lights in the same room while maintaining the same style.


By now I hope you have a clearer idea of 4 inches and 6 inches LED recessed lights, in most cases the size is more of a difference in visual preference than function.​​​​​​


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