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Why Buy LEDVANCE & SYLVANIA Lighting Products from an Authorized Dealer?


LEDVANCE SYLVANIA lighting products carry a strong reputation for quality and durability when used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Although our items are resold in various ways, you'll find three distinctive advantages are available when you work with an authorized distributor or retailer.


High-Quality Results

When you purchase items from an LEDVANCE SYLVANIA authorized distributor, you know for certain that you're getting a genuine product that comes fully backed by our comprehensive LEDVANCE warranty.


Service and Support

LEDVANCE SYLVANIA authorized distributors provide direct access to our national service team, product management specialists, and sales professionals to ensure your questions can be answered quickly and efficiently. We provide ongoing education and training opportunities for our distributor partners to ensure they're always up to date on the latest lighting industry trends and best practices.


Authorized distributors have the full technical and service support to ensure product reliability. Ease of accessibility to LEDVANCE resources, tools, and programs allows authorized distributors the ability to offer solutions suiting the needs of their customers.​



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