Pool Lighting Ideas

Whether you've got an in-ground pool project to manage or trying to spruce up an above-ground installation, adequate lighting is necessary. Because pool lights can increase the form and function of the area. Moreover, putting the lights around the pool can help to ensure a high safety rating. In this post, we will show you some pool lighting ideas, move on to discover!​

pool lighting ideas 

8 Great Pool Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

1. Underwater Light

The first outdoor pool lighting we recommend is using underwater light. The light beneath the water will help to illuminate the hue of the liner and give water a soft blue glow.  It can help people have better eyesight below the water. Underwater light will more helpfully be used outdoors. So, it's better to install during new pool construction or renovating an existing one.

2. String Light

Setting up string lights around the pool can add more personality elements. With the high watt string light, it can provide lighting function also. But remember that it can not hang inside the water or directly over the pool, it may cause some danger. So hang it thoughtfully.

3. Colorful Floating light

Colorful floating light is a small, decorative light that can float on water. It has different shapes, sizes, and colors. These lights can create a beautiful and captivating ambiance while open at night. So, it was a good choice if you want to enhance the visual appeal of the pool. It's important to note that choosing reliable suppliers to avoid dangers.

4. Hardscape Lights

These lights are typically embedded in stone or concrete paths, steps, or walls. They're usually added as a safety component, delivering a subtle glow that makes it easier to see where you need to go.

pool lighting 

5. Well Lights

Most installations put this light type in the ground. They're used to spotlight a specific area or remove dark patches from the pool environment. They can remain exposed, depending on your needs.

6. Path Lights

This type lines stairs and walkways in and around pool installations. Some options can be close to the water, especially with battery-powered solutions or a GFCI outlet available.

7. Spotlights

This option highlights your favorite features around the pool, such as a fountain, wall, or landscaping addition. It's useful for up lighting or downlighting effects.

outdoor pool lighting 

8. Torches

Outdoor torches are often installed to light a pool's perimeter. Fencing is often mandatory around in-ground pools, which means this choice allows for a landscaping enhancement. Solar-powered options are an excellent choice to maintain a high safety profile.​

Bonus Tips: How to Use Outdoor Pool Lighting to Improve Nighttime Safety?


There are two kinds of outdoor pool lighting to consider: underwater or above-ground.​​

Underwater lights get installed in the flooring and walls of the pool so that swimmers can see and avoid potential accents. Try using complementary colors to add depth and different visual experiences while in the water. It's an easy way to indicate depth changes.

For above-ground lights, you'll find hundreds of different choices and variations to consider. Soft lights help to build a relaxing atmosphere, vivid lighting for safety around walkways, and accent lights can maximize the aesthetic value.


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