​​​​​Incandescent Technology

Simplicity and Versatility

SYLVANIA Incandescent lamps are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and wattages. They offer low initial cost, good color qualities and good optical control. Additionally, incandescent light sources require no ballast and they can be dimmed. There are hundreds of different incandescent lamp configurations available to meet the requirements of applications ranging from the most mundane to the extremely specialized. 

The “Original” Electric Light Bulb

Incandescent lamps are the original electric light sources, introduced back in 1879. Despite the federally mandated phase out of many general purpose types of incandescent lamps starting in 2012, they are still widely used, especially in residential installations.

With the development of newer lamp technologies like compact fluorescent and LED, there are many choices available to replace incandescent lamps, that provide greater operating efficiencies and significant energy savings​.

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