​LEDVANCE TapTronic​ Field Programmable NFC LED Drivers​​

​LEDVANCE is proud to present tapTronic Field-programmable NFC LED Drivers.  A series of drivers that are Field-programmable via our free smart phone APP. These are Constant Current, Dimmable programable power supplies. Available in the most demanding wattages within Linear, compact and outdoor categories. 

Contractors and distributors will appreciate the convenience of using their smartphones as personal programming tools, eliminating the need for additional wiring and tools, as well as the requirement to carry multiple SKUs. These drivers can also be programmed in the field, at any time, without the need for a laptop or power source.​



Applications: Pendants, Home and décor, Spotlights and Downlights​. 25W and 40W. J-can and F-can housing style. IP20



Applications: Linear​, Wall and ceiling, Surface-mounted, Suspended luminaires and Recessed. 36W, 55W and 88. IP20.



Applications: Area lights, Industrial high-bays, Wall packs, Décor, landscape, Cobra heads, Bollards and Hazardous locations​. 100W and 180W. IP66

Benefits and ​Features​

  • Field – programmable

  • Near Field communication

  • tapTronic software

  • Power to driver is not required during programming.

  • Easy customization via APP​

    • Current

    • Dim to Off

    • Dim range %

    • Constant Lumen Output

    • Soft start

    • End of Life

    • Thermal protection

  • 0-10V Dimmer control, 1-100% / 10-100% dimmable based on series.

  • 12V AUX​​​

Explore LEDVANCE tapTronic LED Drivers and NFC LED DRIVER & Phone Connection Tips

Additional Details

  • taptronic software APP supports READING/PROGRAMMING taptronic LED Driver models.

  • Once driver is “programmed”, power it to activate that new setting to be applied.

  • What is NFC? Is a method of wireless data transfer that detects and then enables technology in close proximity to communicate without the need of internet  ​​connection. Making programming our drives a quick and easy task virtually anywhere.

  • Have multiple drivers to program? No problem. The APP will maintain current setting ready to just continue to “program” by simply tapping the next driver and so forth.

  • A NTC thermistor must be connected to the driver, if LED Thermal Protection feature is used.​

NFC LED Drivers Tested with:

​Compatibility is with 0-10V dimmers. Dimmers compliant with ANSI C137.1 (dimming standard), check with dimmer vendor for more details.​​

​Dimmer model

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How do I customize my tapTronic™ LED drivers? 

In order to customize your tapTronic™ LED drivers you need to download the free app. It is available in both iOS and Android platforms. Once installed, tap your smart phone to the driver’s NFC area, after that the driver data will be displayed on the app. From this point, you will be able to customize as needed and when you’re ready select “program” and then tap your driver. A confirmation will appear on the screen when done correctly, it should only take seconds!​

Q2: Once the driver is “programmed” what comes next? 

Power it up! This will ACTIVATE the customization given​

Q3: Once programmed, can I make modifications if it’s not quite what I wanted? 

Yes! Make sure to power down for safety. Tap your driver and make the necessary changes. Based on installation, removal of your driver may not be needed if you can reach the NFC area safely​

Q4: What is NFC? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. 

It’s a method of wireless data transfer that detects and then enables technology in close proximity to communicate without the need of internet connection. ​

Q5: What type of dimmer can I use with tapTronic™? 

0-10V dimmer compliant with ANSI C137.1​

Q6: Can I use the tapTronic™ app to read other drivers that are not LEDVANCE? 

Our free tapTronic™ app will only recognize (read/program) tapTronic™ models. The app is our programming tool for our LEDVANCE products.​

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