Behind the Magic: Fun Things about How LED Light Change Colors

In the strictest sense, it is not possible to change the color of individual LEDs. That means when you buy a multi-color LED light today, you see the illumination from different diodes of unique colors. These color-changing LED bulbs are typically constructed of three separate LEDs in a single casing. Intelligent technologies create unique shades by adjusting the brightness and tone to make the colors customizable.

Many of today's best LED lights that change colors offer 16 million choices. In this post, we'll show you how led lights change color. Read on to get more!​


What Makes LED Lights So Colorful?

When you see the specific color an LED creates, it depends on the energy levels produced by the product's semiconductor. If you have a single LED lamp, it can only make a single hue.


The different materials in today's semiconductors are used to create controlled energy levels. From there, colored diodes reflect the elements used for each product. Color-changing LEDs contain three separate diodes within the same bulb, and each of these diodes emits its designated color - red, green, or blue.


  • Red diodes use semiconductors made from aluminum gallium arsenide.
  • For green diodes, the material used is gallium phosphide.
  • Blue diodes require the use of indium gallium nitride.


When you want to change LED colours in a fun way, you need to have one red, green, and blue diode included in a single bulb which is sometimes called RGB bulbs.

changing led light colors

Each diode can only produce the color for which it was created. When you get different current levels for each one, they shine at various brightness levels. That allows for the color wheel of choices that comes with some products.

Adjusting the luminous intensity of each diode produces a range of different colors and hues. Intelligent technologies create unique shades by adjusting the brightness and tone to make the colors customizable.

For example, if you put 100% of the current into the red diode, that's the color you'd see from the LED light. The same is true for the blue and green options. Should the red diode receive 100% and the green 50%, you'd get a shade closer to orange to use for your home. When all three diodes are fully open, white light is produced.

Does the Color Temperature the same as the Light Color?

"Light color" refers to the color of light emitted by the diodes of an LED light. And color temperature refers to the shade of white light emitted. White light can produce a warmer or cooler visual effect, which is measured in degrees Kelvin rather than RGB.

The Kelvin scale was established by the British physician Lord Kelvin, who studied the color change of heated metals. He found that as the temperature of the black material increased, its color changed from red to yellow and finally blue.​

color temperature

Unlike air temperature, which is measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, warm color temperatures are lower in Kelvin, while cool colors are higher in Kelvin. The Kelvin scale will range from 0 – 10,000K, but most LEDs will be between 2,000K and 6,500K. We had talked about the color temperature

Colorful LED Light Bulb - SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth BR30

The SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth BR30 is a fun way to add more color to your life. It's an intelligent lighting solution that connects to your home through the SMART-plus technology and Bluetooth® mesh for lights and accessories.

It doesn't require additional hardware or a hub to function in the home. The SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth BR30 fits a standard medium E26 base socket, which is the traditional design included in most homes today.​

You can select from one of 16 million colors or customize the white lighting experience you want at home. In addition to the color, you can adjust the temperature of the white light from something warm to a 6500K rating that simulates natural daylight.

When you're ready to change LED light colors in fun ways, consider smart tech with LED light bulbs. It's an affordable way to produce a smile! Click here for more SMART+ LED light bulbs to have fun!

smart led light bulb


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