4 Basic Types of Lighting You Need to Know

​Just as different rooms and devices serve different purposes - as in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, etc., lighting is divided into types for different purposes. It is difficult for a single light source and type of lighting to satisfy all of our lighting needs and provide any specific function at the same time. Whether relaxing, working, cooking, or spending time with family and friends, we should also consider different types of lighting. Not any lighting will fit your particular needs in the most efficient and appropriate way, so let's jump right in and see how many types of lighting can be divided into!​

Generally speaking, there are mainly four types of lighting on the market, each serving its own unique purpose and meeting specific needs:​​​​

Indoor Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can offer you a light source with an even lighting level completely independent of the rest of the space. Its purpose is to create strong ambient lighting to ensure safety, visibility, and guidance within the environment.

Types of light bulbs and fixtures that Provide Indoor Ambient Lighting:​

indoor ambient lighting 

Outdoor Ambient Lighting

In addition to indoor ambient lighting, outdoor ambient lighting is often used for different purposes. It is most commonly used as an enhanced security measure, in addition to its cosmetic effect of increasing the beauty of the area around a particular building or object. High-visibility and high-lumen-rated lighting improves perimeter safety.

Types of light bulbs and fixtures that Provide Outdoor Ambient Lighting:​

outdoor ambient lighting 

Task Lighting

Task lighting is designed to be specific to the task you have at hand. Whether you're throwing in the towel, enjoying cooking a delicious meal, enjoying a video game in front of the TV, or just sitting back with a book, there's nothing like task lighting to help you. Task lighting illuminates the tasks a person is performing in a given space, such as reading, cooking, and computer work. For this type of task, the room usually needs a less focused and brighter light. For more pleasing lighting, it's usually best to avoid harsh lights or lights that cast annoying shadows.

Types of light bulbs and fixtures that Provide Task Lighting:​

task lighting 

​Decorative Lighting

One of the most important things to consider when choosing decorative lighting is the effect of design on transmitted light. Decorative lighting, as its name says, is all about beautification and decoration. Before choosing it, be sure to consider the direction of the lighting, the color, and the shape and size of the bulb to really achieve the decorative effect you want. For example, retro light bulbs and warm lighting can create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Comprehensively consider the position, style, and color of decorative lights to achieve the best lighting effect.

Types of light bulbs and fixtures that Provide Decorative Lighting:

decorative lighting 


When choosing your different types of lighting, its usually best to think from the general scene to the specific, which means to consider ambient lighting first, then specific task lighting and decorative lighting for cosmetic purposes. If you are designing a lighting plan-commercial or industrial, and do know how many lights are suitable for this room, please visit our LEDVANCE Lighting Layout Tool. We will adjust foot candles, reflectances, room size, and more to upgrade an application or build a new space with the right product and maximize energy savings.​​​​


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