LED Stadium Lights Buying Guide

Sports aren't just for fun, but they actually bring people of different cultures together. And choosing the right LED stadium lights can significantly impact the players and how the game goes.

LED stadium lights are strong sports lights that are designed to handle working in the harshest conditions. They are usually set up at a tall height for increased visibility. These lights are energy-efficient and easily controlled to create the needed effect in the sports stadium, depending on the nature of the game and the intensity or absence of natural lights.

In this article, we'll dig deeper into the factors you need to consider while buying LED stadium lights. So, keep reading to learn more about this topic.

Factors to Consider While Buying LED Stadium Lights

LED lights can provide an appropriate lighting experience in indoor and outdoor stadiums. They have a long life span and offer more flexibility and maneuverability than other lighting fixtures. Here are a few things to consider before buying LED stadium lights.

Choose the Right Contractor with Relevant Experience

Before hiring a company or contractor to install LED stadium lights, check their experience first. They should have some relevant experience in this particular field.

The company should be able to offer you detailed information about the type of lighting that suits this particular space, whether the stadium will be used for training, national games, or international tournaments. Choosing a reliable contractor guarantees that you'll receive the best products and services. In addition, you'll have experts ready to advise you before, during, and after the installation process.

This is why you need to do some background checks. You can also ask for references to ensure that you're choosing the right contractor for the job.

Ask for a detailed contract that lists your lighting system's specifications. It should also include a section for payment procedures and the final completion date when the stadium will be ready. Remember that documenting everything will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Consider Service Time and Speed

Installing LED stadium lights won't be done in a day or two, but you still need to pick a company that offers timely service. If something goes wrong with your lighting, it should be able to offer fast maintenance so this situation doesn't negatively impact your upcoming event. Ask about priority service and the estimated time to fix or replace your lighting fixtures.

Choose Superior Chips

If there are several options available, always opt for the high-quality one. Superior chips might be more expensive in the short run, but they deliver the kind of performance you can rely on. They have a low malfunctioning rate, so you'll worry less about maintaining and replacing them.

Consider the Luminous Efficacy

This refers to the number of lumens produced for watts consumed, and when you're lighting up a big space like a stadium, the efficacy becomes of great importance. Luckily, LED fixtures are highly efficient, and some of them can produce 100 lumens per watt.

Consider the Beam Angle

The beam angle determines how the light is distributed. With a wide beam angle, the light will be more diffused for a soft effect with more uniformity, delivering high brightness. When the angle is small, you get intense and bright light.

The right beam angle increases visibility and also eliminates blind spots on the sports field. This guarantees that the players will be able to see everything better while they're playing the game. Moreover, the audience will enjoy a better viewing experience in the stadium or during a broadcast.

Choosing the right LED fixtures guarantees that you'll be able to decide on the right beam angle for your stadium setup. Most high-quality contractors hire professional engineers who analyze the stadium's space and ensure that the light beam angle complies with any regulations or rules.

Units should be Water-Resistant.

LED lights used for stadium lighting should be waterproof, or they won't last for long. Moreover, the LED lights should stay functional and emit the same light output regardless of the weather condition. Therefore, choosing weather-resistant and water-resistant fixtures that won't be affected by the most challenging weather conditions is crucial.

Even in an indoor stadium, LED stadium lights will be subject to high levels of humidity. There's no way you could remove the light fixtures if it suddenly starts raining or the humidity level increases significantly.

Consider the Color Rendering Index

In the stadium, the players, the live audience, and the audience watching the game in a TV broadcast will appreciate a lighting system with a higher color rendering index. The CRI refers to how an object will look in the light emitted through the bulbs. A higher CRI is better because it guarantees better visibility.

Luckily, LED light fixtures come with high CRI. Yet, you need to make sure that the CRI is at least 80 for an excellent viewing experience. The CRI will also affect the quality of a broadcasted match or game, as the audience at home will be able to see every detail.

Think about Warranty

Before you sign the contract, take your time to study all the details and ask for all the needed guarantees. A high-quality lighting contractor will offer you a warranty for their products and services, so you can stay assured that the stadium lighting system won't malfunction. And even if it does, there will always be someone who is ready to fix the problem.


Choosing LED stadium lights is something that you shouldn't take lightly. Do your research and pick a reliable contractor to guarantee the best lighting experience for the players and the audience.



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