LED Tri Proof Lights: 6 Things You Should Know​

​LED Tri-proof lights are light fixtures that have triple protection; against dust, water and disintegration. These lights are designed using special antioxidation and anticorrosion materials coupled with silicone sealing rings to protect the light bulb. LED tri-proof lights are produced to replace the traditional light bulbs that are known to consume lots of energy and give unsatisfactory output.


Tri-proof lights are built with rigid materials that can resist high pressure and impact; thus, they are the best fit in areas prone to vibrations. Their versatile nature increases the environment they can be used in. The ingress protection rating for these lighting sources falls between IP65 and IP69, which means they are very formidable.


What Are the Three Levels of Protection Offered?


  1. Dustproof: The first protection a tri-proof light offers is protection against dust. Tri-proof lights are rated six for their protection from dust. This means that these lights are entirely shielded from dust and dust particles. Multiple coatings protect the light bulb from dust.
  2. Waterproof: Tri-proof lights have silicone seals that prevent the ingress of water. With a rating of 5 on the Ingress protection scale, tri-proof lights offer resistance from jets of water thrown in every direction. Some tri-proof lights have an IP rating that is as high as IP69. This means they can prevent water from entering the fixture when immersed in water at a particular depth. 
  3. Corrosion-resistant: Tri-proof lights are coated with anti-corrosion materials that prevent the light bulb from being vulnerable to disintegration.


Where Can Tri-Proof Led Lights Be Used?


The LED tri-proof light is helpful in areas constantly facing water and dust. Some tri-proof lights have been designed to meet the peculiarities of different areas. Although they are most suitable for their design area, you can also use them in other places. Some of these areas are:


  1. Indoor Garage and Parking Lot: Garage lights must resist heavy dust, so they must have a high resistance level against dust intrusion. A low Universal Glare Rating (UGR) is essential to provide suitable brightness. 
  2. Food Processing Factories: LED tri-proof lights used in these factories are designed to prevent food, dust, and water from accumulating on the bulb surface. The bulb is also protected against vibrations that might occur in the factory. They are made in a fashion that will accommodate easy cleaning.
  3. Parking Garages: Lights used in home and commercial garages are shielded from dust. They also have a high lumen output to give off the required brightness needed in a garage.
  4. Poultry Lighting: Tri-proof lights designed for use in the poultry and animal farm are fully protected. They often have very high IP ratings like IP68 and IP69. These lights are impact-proof and have UV-repelling housing materials. These light fixtures are mostly suspended from the ceiling.
  5. Warehouses: They are built to resist dust, water, and sudden impacts. They are designed for ceiling, suspension, and wall mounting, giving you a broad option for mounting. These tri-proof lights also have excellent luminance, ideal for warehouses and large spaces.


Characteristics of LED Tri-Proof Lights


  1. Easy Installation: LED tri-proof lights are easy to install. The installation methods are pipe installation, suspension mounting, and ceiling mounting.
  2. Start up: They do not require a starter to begin working. LED tri-proof lights do not use ballast. 
  3. Waterproof and dustproof: Most tri-proof lights have an Ingress Protection rating of IP65 which means that they are protected from every ingress of water and can withstand low-pressure jets of water from every direction. 
  4. Vibration Proof: These LED lights can withstand vibrations and are suitable for high vibration areas.

Functionalities of Tri-Proof LED Lights


Besides being LED lights with over 50,000hrs of activeness, brighter lights, low energy consumption, suitable color temperature, and low maintenance cost, tri-proof lights come with various features that help them save energy and work smart. Tri-Proof lights categories, according to their light management features, are:


  1. Dimming: Some Tri-proof lights have dimming features that regulate the amount of light. Tri-proof lights equipped with a dimming system allow you to create an ambiance and adjust the fixture's brightness to a level that you are comfortable with at that time.
  2. Motion Sensor Lights: Tri-proof lights designed with this technology turn on when they detect motion. These lights are best for security reasons as the sudden switching on of the light will alert you of someone's presence. These lights may not be a good option for commercial purposes.
  3. Emergency Lighting: These light fixtures automatically turn on during emergencies. This way, you can take note of a problem early enough.
  4. CCT Adjustable Lights: Tri-proof lights with adjustable color temperatures are suitable for semi-outdoor scenes and food processing plants. You can adjust the light temperature between 3000k-4000k. This will depend on how cool and natural you want the light to look.


Differences Between Tri-Proof Lights and Explosion Proof Lights


People often mix up these two lighting types, but they have different features. The tri-proof light provides three-fold protection against water, dust, and degradation. They can withstand unfavorable conditions as the light is protected with silicone sealing rings.


Explosion-proof lights offer protection from explosions. This light bulb is shielded from chemicals and explosive dust that can cause the light bulb to explode. Tri-proof lights do not offer such protection. 



LED tri-proof lights offer protection from dust, water, and vibration. Thanks to their tough outer shell and silicone sealing, you can use these lights in unpleasant environments. Tri-proof lights are versatile and are among the most durable lighting systems. Since they use LED technology rather than the more traditional ones, you can rest assured that your lights will last very long and with reduced energy consumption. 


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