The Star Store, Langley, Washington

Goals:Reduce energy bill and maintenance costs while maintaining high light quality
Products Installed:129 SYLVANIA ULTRA LED PAR38 lamps
16 LEDstixx® Lighting Systems for Vertical Refrigeration Freezer/Cooler Cases
26 LEDstixx® Lighting System for Horizontal Refrigeration Cooler Cases
12 SYLVANIA ULTRA LED A-line omnidirectional lamps
Anticipated Annual Savings:Energy savings – 85,262 kWh
Energy cost savings – $7,413.08
Maintenance savings – $1,239
CO2 emissions savings – 24,557 pounds of CO2

Located in Langley, Washington, on beautiful Whidbey Island, The Star Store describes itself as a “natural market and fashionably fun mercantile.”  It offers an overflowing selection of fresh and local produce, imported cheese, artisan breads, essential groceries, organic infant wear, rare and fine wines and stellar beers, fashions for the family, and kitchen gadgets.   These are just a few of the treasures you can find at this 12,000 square foot eclectic retail gem. 

As a proprietor of natural products, it was fitting to upgrade the store’s lighting to energy-efficient and long-life LED solutions.   “The Star Store isn’t just another retail establishment.   We are very proud of what we offer our guests, and it is important that the lighting highlights our wares in the best way possible,” said owner Gene Felton.   “In addition to being focused on providing the highest quality products to our trusted customers, we feel strongly about our commitment to respect the environment.   We wanted to save energy, not only to help reduce our costs, but also to help benefit the planet.   Upgrading to LED lighting helped achieve those objectives.”

Felton appreciated the light quality provided by the existing traditional products, so it was important to select LED lamps that would maintain that same consistency across the entire retail establishment and ensure that merchandise looked as rich and enticing as before. 

The Star Store chose a full range of LED solutions from LEDVANCE to install throughout the store, including track lighting and horizontal and vertical refrigeration and freezer cases.   10-watt ULTRA HD™ LED PAR20, 13-watt ULTRA LED PAR30 and 16-watt ULTRA LED PAR38 lamps replaced the 75-watt halogen PAR lamps in the track lighting throughout the store.   Low wattage LEDstixx Lighting Systems for Horizontal Refrigeration Coolers replaced the fluorescent lighting in the open freezer and beverage, cheese and meat cases, while LEDstixx Lighting Systems for Vertical Refrigeration Cases were installed in the enclosed freezer and dairy cases.   SYLVANIA ULTRA LED A-line omnidirectional lamps were also installed in decorative fixtures throughout the store.

The long-life LED technology offered reduced energy and maintenance costs when compared with the previous conventional light sources, while delivering high quality light that showcased the fine goods in the store.   “LEDVANCE offers a full portfolio of LED solutions, so we didn’t have to go with different lighting manufacturers to meet the lighting needs of the different areas of our store,” said Felton.   “That definitely helped make this upgrade a smooth process.”

SYLVANIA ULTRA LED lamps utilize state-of-the-art LED technology to provide energy-efficient alternatives to traditional lighting technologies.   Designed to be direct replacements for standard incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps, the ULTRA Series of LED-based lamps offer increased lumen output, dimming functionality, attractive styling and the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor use.  

The energy-efficient LEDstixx Lighting Systems for Horizontal Refrigeration Cooler Cases and Vertical Refrigeration Freezer/Cooler Cases offer significant energy and maintenance savings compared to fluorescent lighting systems, with a high color rendering index (CRI) of up to 85 for vibrant display of merchandise packaging.   The horizontal system is designed to allow light to be focused precisely onto products at a variety of shelf heights, which is characteristic of open refrigeration cases, and then be locked into place.   The LEDstixx Lighting Systems for Vertical Refrigeration Freezer/Cooler Cases emit uniform, high-quality light in a pattern specifically designed for shallow and deep merchandise setbacks, ideal for new or the retrofit of existing enclosed refrigerated display cases.   LED technology thrives in cold environments, unlike fluorescent lamps, which make these systems ideal for even the coldest freezer applications.  With life ratings ranging from up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours (L70), these LED solutions from LEDVANCE are environmentally preferable products that are RoHS-compliant, contain no mercury, lead or other hazardous materials, and emit no UV or IR radiation.


As a result of upgrading its lighting to LED solutions from LEDVANCE, The Star Store anticipates an annual saving of 85,262 kWh, translating into $7,413.08 in energy savings and avoidance of 24,557 pounds of CO2 emissions from electricity plants.   In addition, because of the long life of the lamps, the “natural market and fashionably fun mercantile” also expects to save approximately $1,239 in maintenance costs per year. 

“The Star Store is a major part of my life,” said Felton.   “While I can definitely appreciate saving money each month on my energy bill and helping reduce my carbon footprint, I am also proud of the way my store shines under the new LED lighting.”