Tremont Plaza Hotel and Grand Historic Venue

Goals:Reduce the hotel’s energy costs and frequency of maintenance by replacing incandescent lamps with energy efficient lighting, without sacrificing light qualit
Products Installed:LEDVANCE 23-watt Living Spaces™ compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
Anticcipated Annual Savings:Total Savings Per year – $17,651​
Energy savings per year – 135,780 kWh
Environmental savings per year – 214,978 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


The Tremont Plaza Hotel in downtown Baltimore, Maryland features 37 floors, 300 guest suites and is also home to the Grand Historic Venue. Once known as the Grand Masonic Lodge of Maryland, The Grand is a historic meeting space attached to the hotel’s fifth floor via a sky bridge and is primarily used for meetings, weddings and banquets. Voted Baltimore's Best Hotel, Tremont Plaza Hotel & Grand Historic Venue is a favorite among Baltimore accommodations.

Locally owned and operated, the management staff at Tremont Plaza Hotel is committed to servicing the community and takes genuine interest in guest satisfaction. While recently undergoing an extensive renovation of all the hotel suites, Tremont Plaza Hotel identified an opportunity to significantly reduce the hotel’s energy consumption and utility cost. In eliminating the incandescent lamps installed throughout the hotel and upgrading to a more energy efficient lighting technology, the hotel management did not want to sacrifice the light quality in its rooms.

“Guests are looking for all the same comforts from home in their hotel rooms,” explains Alfred LaSpina, LEDVANCE product marketing manager. “Our Living Spaces™ CFL product line allows hotel management to give their visitors the warmth and coziness of an incandescent lightbulb, using only a quarter of the energy and cost.”


To find a new lighting solution to replace the 2,200 60-watt and 100-w​att incandescent lamps throughout the hotel, Tremont Plaza Hotel turned to North American lighting leader LEDVANCE. Energy savings was the primary goal of the lighting replacement, but it was equally important to Tremont Plaza Hotel that the suites’ aesthetic appeal and guests’ comfort not be sacrificed. A number of solutions were evaluated, but hotel management ultimately selected LEDVANCE’s 23-watt Living Spaces™ CFLs. Tremont Plaza Hotel felt that the Living Spaces™ lamps offered the best overall look and feel in the suites, creating a nice, warm and inviting glow.


CFLs are an excellent energy-saving alternative to incandescent lamps, reducing energy consumption by up to 75 percent for comparable lumen output. LEDVANCE’s exclusive Living Spaces™ phosphor formulation closely replicates the light produced by an incandescent lamp. This unique Living Spaces™ phosphor allows for an enhanced color rendering of warm tones and strong red colors. Additionally, the warm Living Spaces™ 2700K color temperature offers excellent quality of light, directly comparable to incandescent lamps. With an average rated life of 12,000 hours, the Living Spaces™ CFLs last ten times longer than standard incandescent lamps, reducing the time and money spent by the Tremont Plaza Hotel replacing burned out lamps. The Living Spaces™ lamps feature Instant-On technology and offer flicker-free starting, adding further convenience for hotel guests and staff. Finally, the lamps’ small form factor allows them to fit in almost any application.

“People are already feeling out of place being away from their homes, but Living Spaces™ CFLs restores some of the void because it is a light designed for rooms people actually live in. Tremont Hotel was able to create a welcoming, familiar environment with a simple upgrade to Living Spaces™,” said LaSpina.

With a full product line, hotels can improve every socket from the entry way to the bedside lamp.


According to the EPA ENERGY STAR® Program, US hotels spend close to $4 billion on energy costs each year and are the fourth most intensive users of energy in the commercial sector. Lighting accounts for nearly 25 percent of the electricity consumed by hotels and for more than 40 percent in guest rooms alone. By replacing over 2,200 incandescent lamps with energy efficient CFLs from LEDVANCE, Tremont Plaza Hotel reduced its annual energy consumption by 135,780 kWh, resulting in $17,651 of savings annually. The hotel has also benefited from the lamps’ long life by reduced frequency in lighting maintenance. Tremont Plaza Hotel was extremely pleased with the results of the lighting upgrade; not only was the hotel able to achieve the energy savings they desired, but they were able to maintain the hotel’s standard of excellence and complement the hotel’s overall renovation with state-of-the-art lighting technology.