LEDVANCE Commits to the Clean Energy Ministerial's Global Lighting Challenge

Company Announces to Sell 2.5 Billion LED Lamps by 2023​
  • Selling 2.5 billion energy efficient LED lamps would save an estimated equivalent of energy typically produced by 75 medium coal fired energy plants
  • LEDVANCE was recently sold to a Chinese consortium including the LED packaging manufacturer MLS CO., LTD. (MLS) and therefore gains now access to cost-efficient LED components for its LED products

LEDVANCE, one of the global leaders in general lighting, has committed to the Clean Energy Ministerial Global Lighting Challenge (GLC). During the eighth Clean Energy Ministerial Summit (CEM8) in Beijing, LEDVANCE announced its commitment to selling 2.5 billion energy efficient LED Lamps by 2023.


"We made a very conscious choice in pledging this commitment and are very proud in taking part in the Global Lighting Challenge. LED lamps are not only ecologically sensible but also economically. In combination with smart lighting solutions, LED lamps in the current generation have a potential of reducing energy consumption and costs by 90%", said Thomas Dreier, Global Head of R&D of LEDVANCE. "At LEDVANCE, we have been investing a lot in researching the potential of tomorrow's LED lamps, which will continue to increase the scope of what is possible in energy efficiency."


The Clean Energy Ministerial is a forum of countries working together to promote the global transition towards clean energy generation and consumption. The Global Lighting Challenge, launched in the winter of 2015, is a campaign focused on deploying 10 billion high efficiency, high quality affordable light bulbs, in an effort to combat climate change.


Achieving the goal of selling 2.5 billion LED Lamps by 2023 is estimated to save the equivalent amount of energy typically produced by 75 medium sized coal fired energy plants[1].


The sale of LEDVANCE by OSRAM to a Chinese investment consortium, consisting of the strategic investor IDG Capital, the LED packaging manufacturer MLS CO., LTD. (MLS) and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center (Yiwu), was completed with economic effect as of March 1st, 2017. With its competence as one of the largest LED component manufacturers in the world, MLS supports the LEDVANCE strategy to expand its product portfolio, foremost in the areas of LED lamps, LED luminaires and Smart Lighting.






With almost 9,000 employees and active in more than 120 countries, LEDVANCE GmbH is one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and retail customers. Emerged from the general lighting business of OSRAM GmbH, the company offers advanced LED lamps, standardized LED luminaires, intelligent, networked Smart Home and Building solutions, and traditional light sources. Since 2017, LEDVANCE is owned by a consortium led by the strategic investor IDG Capital and including the leading Chinese lighting company MLS and the financial investor Yiwu. In the 2016 fiscal year, LEDVANCE achieved a turnover of around 1.9 billion Euro. Based on an agreement with OSRAM, LEDVANCE will continue to use the trusted OSRAM and SYLVANIA (for USA and Canada) brands for its products. Additional in-formation can be found on the internet at https://www.Ledvance.com.


1. The 2,5 billion LED bulbs is calculated from 2017-2023 (inclusive) and the energy consumption by comparing to conventional lighting.



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