LEDVANCE Luminaires ​- Grow Light

The new LEDVANCE GROW LIGHT is the professional solution for green houses and vertical farms. Its high efficacy 2.7μmol/J Indoor Spectrum, with peaks for red (660nm) and blue (450nm) light, replaces natural light and helps promote plant growth. Available in 3 different wattages (480, 660 and 960W), they are dimmable 0-10V, interconnectable and very easy to install.​


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Benefits and Features

— Indoor spectrum: peak values for red (660nm) and blue (450nm) light that helps promote plant growth all year round

— Dimmable 0-10V to maximize energy savings

— Interconnectable (up to 4 luminaires in 480W, three in 660W and two in 960W) via AC connector on the right side of the luminaire

— Interconnectable up to 20 luminaires via RJ-12

— Looks white to the eyes

— Lower heat generation, longer life, and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional grow lights

— Easy to install

— Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J

— Higher output levels at higher efficacy

— Boost function to maximize the growth during fruiting stage

— CRI >80

— Beam angle: 120°

— IP40/Damp rated

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