​ULTRA LED™ Chrome Top A19​​​

SYLVANIA ULTRA LED™ Chrome Top A19 has a full glass design with a silver bowl mirror coating that redirects light back into the fixture, reducing glare and preventing light from shining directly onto the surface below. The lamp produces a soft white light that not only creates a comfortable and inviting lighting experience, but is also helpful for anyone suffering from eye strain.​​ The traditional look and feel of the ULTRA LED Chrome Top A19 makes it ideal for decorative lighting in pendants and open fixtures in restaurants,​hospitality, residential and commercial applications​​

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Benefits and Features

— ​Full glass design with no heat sink for a visually appealing look

— Redirected light creates a comfortable lighting experience

— Chrome Top mirror coating reduces glare to eyes and surfaces

— Dimmable to customize your needs

— Suitable for use in damp locations

— Suitable for totally enclosed fixtures

— Long life: up to 15,000 hours (L70)

— No warm-up time, instant-on with full light output and stable color

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