ULTRA LED™ Motion Sensor PAR38

SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Motion Sensor PAR38 lamp detects motion and illuminates. The built in motion sensor has a Flood (40°) angle of sensing, with a range of 10-15 feet. The lamp turns on when it detects movement and stays on for 90 seconds then turns off when movement is no longer detected. 
The LED Motion Sensor PAR38 is ideal for illuminating driveways, back yards,parking lots, and porches without the need to physically turn on the light switch. The bulb can also be used for security and safety purposes when an area is hazardous without any lighting.
These 11.5W lamps deliver 1050 lumens with a color temperature of warm white 3000K and a long rated life of 25,000 hours (L70).

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Benefits and Features

— Quick and easy installation in standard E26 socket

— Flood beam angle

— Turns off after 90 seconds when motion is not detected

— Long life up to 25,000 hrs (L70)

— 10' to 15' detection range

—  Ideal for flood lighting applications such as driveways, back yards,parking lots, and porches in both residential and commercial applications

— Wet Rated for Indoor and Outdoor use

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