​Benefits and Features

— Ballast compatible LED replacement lamps for traditional pin-base compact fluorescent lamps minimize labor cost by utilizing existing fluorescent ballasts.

— G24q/GX24q base lamps have four pins and operate on existing electronic ballasts directly replacing DULUX D/E traditional lamps.*

— GX23 base lamps have two pins, operate on magnetic ballasts and are for horizontal applications, directly replacing DULUX DS traditional lamps.

— High LPW of up to 122 provides a low wattage, energy saving replacement for traditional lamps.

— Horizontal and Vertical configurations available with G24q/GX24q to optimize different fixture optics.

— Horizontal lamps have rotating bases for ease of directing light.

— Over current protection provides consistent lumen output regardless of compatible ballast operation.

— Over temperature protection ensures that lamps will not overheat.

— Available in 2700K-4100K providing choices to harmonize colors with other technologies in the same application space.

— Long life of 50,000 hours, lasting up to three times as long as the lamps they replace, minimizes maintenance costs over the life of the lamp.

— 5-year warranty for worry-free installations.​​

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