RENAISSANCE™ High CBCP*, High R9**, 40000 Life, 91 CRI***, Dimmable LED Lamps

The RENAISSANCE line offers a full family of high CBCP PAR lamps with superior beam quality, ideal for color critical applications. The high R9 (R9 up to 74) feature enhances warm color palettes and makes whites more crisp, making them ideal for hospitality, healthcare and retail applications. With multiple beam angles (15°, 25° and 40°) available light is placed exactly where it's needed, with spill light surrounding for general illumination. These CEC lamps also meet ENERGY STAR® v 2.1 requirements


*CBCP(0-100) Center Beam Candlepower: The luminous intensity at the center of the beam of a reflector lamp. Measured in candelas.
**R9 (0-100) is the score that represents how accurately a light source will reproduce strong red colors.
***CRI (0-100) Color Rendering Index: The measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce colors of various objects compared to natural light.

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