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​LED Lighting Utility Rebate Incentive Finder

​LEDVANCE offers SYLVANIA LED Luminaires and Lamps that are DLC listed, and energy start rated so you can maximize energy savings and rebate opportunities.

What are Utility Incentive Programs?

Utilities in your area may be providing incentives towards eligible energy-efficient lighting upgrades. Investing in energy efficient lighting ​reduces energy costs through energy efficiency and programs are good for both Federal facilities and utilities.  A lighting incentive is a program offered by utility companies, state, and local governments that offset the costs of a lighting upgrade when energy-efficient lighting is installed.  A LED lighting retrofit normally represents a significant up-front investment.  With rebates, businesses can save money on the lamps used in an upgrade. With incentives, businesses can save big on upfront costs as the overall cost of the project.  Through programs sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, companies are trying to make it more realistic for end-users to switch to new lights. The end goal is to make a noticeable reduction in the country’s total energy use.