We Are Advancing Light

Over 100 Years of Knowledge and Expertise



Light defines how you see the world.  We are redefining the role of light in a connected world that crosses borders, geographies and cultures, linking us together.  We are advancing light by developing new technologies that offer unlimited potential in how light impacts your life and how you control your environment.

LEDVANCE is a global leader in advancing light with LED, traditional and smart lighting and accessories.  In North America, the SYLVANIA product brand leadership is a result of a proud legacy of over 100 years of lighting experience and paves the way for future success. Over the years, we've changed to reflect the markets we serve and the customers we reach. Through this time of change and discovery, one thing has remained constant - a belief that our ideas can make a difference in every person's life and that our products reflect a commitment to making our world more comfortable, more productive and more imaginative.


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Our Organization

Active in more than 120 countries, LEDVANCE is an approximately €2 billion business with around 9,000 employees worldwide.  Our global headquarters is located in Garching, Germany, and our North American headquarters is in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Our ProductsCustomers

In North America, we offer SYLVANIA advanced LED lamps as well as a wide range of traditional light sources, standardized luminaires and connected lighting solutions.  Our products have a beautiful, modern design; are easy to use and install; carry more and more intelligence; and save energy.  This all can help positively impact our quality of life.