​​Why Become an LEDVANCE Supplier

LEDVANCE's global success as a leader in the lighting industry can only be as strong as the strength of our suppliers and partners. Together, we can build a global supplier network that allows both our companies to prosper for our mutual long-term success through market growth.

LEDVANCE's worldwide customer base depends on SYLVANIA brands for both their exceptional performance and value. In collaboration with our suppliers, we want to continue working to provide innovation that will help us accelerate our competitive market position and maintain standards of excellence for us and our partners. At LEDVANCE, we characterize successful partnerships as a respect for diversity, environment, and sustainability, and we seek those values in our supplier partners.

By choosing to become and LEDVANCE supplier, value will be created through innovative and mutual collaboration to achieve more than we could achieve individually. Alignment of our supplier partnership collaborations means that we seek to understand how our mutual needs and capabilities can be aligned to build our businesses together.

The business horizon creates global opportunities to connect technology and capabilities across categories in unique ways or shift the market paradigm. What we seek is collaboration in areas such as LED, light technology, lighting fixture design, trademark licensing, and technology research.

If your company can play in the global arena and is ready to push technological barriers, bringing the value that is LEDVANCE, we are interested in talking with your company. Let's light the world together.

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