Lighting and Your Bottom Line


Healthcare providers and managers benefit when efficiently run facilities deliver high-quality care to patients with reduced administrative effort and lower overall operating costs. New or upgraded lighting is a key component in the well being of your staff, your patients and your budget. Patients benefit from improved clinical outcomes and a better overall experience.

While the primary goal of any hospital is quality of patient care, it is still a business - it must generate a profit for its owners and achieve its financial goals as well. According to the GHX, (Global Healthcare Exchange) one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today is how to deliver better patient care, while increasing efficiency and reducing operating expenses. Lighting can be a key player in enhancing the quality of patient care and helping protect the bottom line.

Hospitals account for more than 30 percent of all healthcare expenditures globally. Because hospitals are 24/7 operations, even small steps like standardizing lamp types and luminaires throughout the facility translates into energy savings, extended maintenance intervals and reduced labor costs. The savings realized by these operational changes will help pay for the new lighting systems in the years ahead.

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