​​Lighting Options by Space or Area

Event and Conference Rooms

These are the most multi functional spaces in any hotel property, designed to accommodate meetings and events of all sizes. They are often contiguous to one another and separated by soundproof “air walls” which can be opened up to create bigger venues for galas, exhibitions, dining, dances, conventions and other large events. Functional and effective lighting is essential if people are to use their time as here productively as possible. These spaces require lighting that can be tailored create the right ambience for the task at hand.

Design Tips:

  • These spaces call for a variety of luminaires and lighting technologies consisting of general, accent and decorative lighting to handle the many activities and tasks that take place there. For Large events and conferences will also call for high output theatrical and video luminaires and light sources.

  • A high degree of lighting switching, control and dimming is also required so that light levels, lighting effects and combinations of different luminaires can be easily tuned or programmed by hotel staff as preset “scenes” depending on the activity or task.

  • Lighting for meetings, AV presentations, note taking and reading should follow the design guidelines set for Conference and Meeting rooms in the Office Lighting section of our website. Adjustable accent lighting should be provided for speaker’s podiums, head table locations, as these will likely change from one event to the next.


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