​​Lighting Options by Space or Area

Exteriors, Entrances, Garages & Parking Areas

When it comes of exterior lighting, you should judge a book by its cover. Your façade is your calling card. After dark, exterior lighting turns your hotel into a landmark that people will recognize and be attracted to. It conveys an image of welcome comfort and security for arriving guests. It helps them navigate entrance drives and canopies, parking garages and walkways. It creates a pleasing panorama for your guests to enjoy from the window of their rooms and transforms your gardens, terraces and walkways, into magical spaces for guests to walk through after dark. Take advantage of new lighting technologies from SYLVANIA and ensure that your guests’ first impression will be a positive one.

Design Tips:

  • Good exterior lighting should be energy efficient, provide stable color and require minimal maintenance. For architectural lighting, parking lots, garages, entrance canopies and loading docks, use SYLVANIA METALARC® discharge light sources. For landscapes, walkway, pool decks, use SYLVANIA METALARC® POWERBALL® ceramic metal halide lamps.,

  • Ensure that the exterior lighting design “blends” with the character and identity of the community surrounding your property

  • Select lamps and luminaires that will provide appropriate levels of illuminance and optical characteristics to direct the light only where it is needed and away from guestroom windows.

  • Selecting high efficacy lamps and ballasts to achieve the greatest energy savings.

  • Save money with lighting controls that adjust illuminance levels, or switch off non essential lighting based on occupancy, or time of night.

  • For more information, see our web pages on Street & Area Lighting

Signs of the Times.

Signage is essential to inform and direct your guests. Your property’s branding and directional signage needs to look as attractive and attention grabbing after dark as it does during the day. No matter what type of sign you choose: surface lit, backlit, edge lit, halo lit, channel letters or a combination of these, SYLVANIA has a wide variety of lighting solutions to put your name in the best light. Cutting-edge LED modules from SYLVANIA have revolutionized the sign building business. These small, versatile and robust light sources are extremely cost effective, easy to maintain and they last for upwards of 50,000 hours.


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