​Lighting Options by Space or Area

Guest Bathrooms

Grooming is the primary task in a guest bathroom. Light sources above or to the sides of mirror usually provide the illumination. When looking in the bathroom mirror, guests want shadow free lighting and accurate rendition of skin tones.

Design Tips:

  • The traditional T12 cool white linear fluorescent lamps still in use in many guest bathrooms make colors appear pale or washed out. SYLVANIA OCTRON® T8 and PENTRON T5 fluorescent lamps contain rare earth phosphors that yield a high color rendering index and make skin tones and hair color look more natural. They also offer long life and energy savings

  • Larger bathrooms are often designed with separate alcoves or partitioned rooms designated for toilets, tubs, shower stalls or dressing areas. Each space should have its own lighting plan, with separately switched light sources for general illumination and for safety when closed off from the rest of the bathroom.

  • Shower enclosures in particular, require dedicated light sources for safety and egress. SYLVANIA CAPSYLITE® halogen, DULUX® compact fluorescent and ULTRA LED products offer long life, bright white illumination and reduced maintenance.

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