​​Lighting Options by Space or Area

Guest Rooms & Suites

Guest rooms are one of the major commodities of a hospitality facility. Whether your guest is a business or leisure traveler, their room is one of the features that set your property apart from your competition. Since a hotel room must serve as a home away from home, wired remote hospitality, conference room, hospitality suite and AV and sales presentation room among other functions, flexibility is needed in the lighting plan.

Design Tips:

  • The guest room or suite needs to accommodate a variety of personal and business related tasks. Adequate lighting for these activities cannot be provided by general lighting alone. General illumination from ceiling or wall sconce luminaires provides the “base” layer for task lighting, helps housekeeping staff and provides flexible lighting for non residential use. Beyond that, a variety of general, accent, and decorative luminaires will be needed. In larger suites that accommodate business activities, guests must be able to control light levels and luminaire mix as needed. Don’t forget that the desk top may be used for multiple tasks requirement different illuminance levels.

  • Traditionally, the predominant lamp types used were incandescent. Today, they have been replaced by compact fluorescent, halogen and LED retrofits that last many times longer and save significantly more energy. This is a big advantage given that they are often left on even when the room is unoccupied.

  • The small entrance foyer which is a typical part of a guest room should have its own surface mounted luminaires that help enlarge the feel of the space by reflecting light off the walls or ceiling. Foyer lighting can be designed to light closets, luggage racks and the foyer at the same time.

  • Self illuminated switches provide a convenience for guests entering an unfamiliar space. Low wattage night lights and guide lights will avoid guests leaving higher wattage light sources turned on through the night.

  • Automated room controls that sense the presence of occupants or staff will provide additional energy savings. These systems switch off certain electrical receptacles and lower the thermostats when the space is unoccupied.

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