​​Lighting Options by Space or Area

Lobbies & Reception Areas

Lobbies can be small and intimate, expansive and luxurious or anything in between. This is where people come together to meet, get information and interact. The main lobby is a showcase where the image and feel of a hotel is first introduced. In this high energy, high traffic space, flexible and functional lighting is a must both day and night.

Design Tips:

  • Lighting operates 24/7 in lobbies and often in high ceilings where re-lamping can be difficult, inconvenient and costly. Consider the most energy efficient long life light sources, like SYLVANIA ULTRA LED retrofit lamps.

  • Lobby lighting should provide a safe outdoor-to-indoor transition, i.e. the ability of one’s eyes to adapt from outdoor to indoor lighting conditions.

  • Highly reflective lobby walls can be wall washed with light to provide illumination for the lobby and occupants.

  • For glass enclosed lobbies, the interior walls need to be at higher luminance in the day (to be seen from outside) and lower at night. Consider controlled dimming systems.

  • Hotel lobbies house a number of areas that can be differentiated and enhanced with appropriate lighting techniques. These include: elevator lobbies, reception desk, lounge areas, bell captain and, concierges desks.

  • Where informational display screens are used, care should be taken to avoid distracting reflections from luminaires or high brightness surfaces.

  • The registration desk is a multi-task area. A high general lighting level will help guests locate and use this area, while local task lighting should be considered where display screens are in use.

  • Higher illuminance is suitable in elevator lobbies especially over the elevator threshold.

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