​​​Fitting Rooms​

The fitting room of a clothing store is one of the most critical sales areas. It’s where the final evaluation of the merchandise takes place and the final purchase decision is made. Providing flattering light, with as little shadow as possible, will make both your customer and your merchandise look their best.

​Design Tips:

Most fitting rooms are illuminated by overhead fluorescent luminaires.  Proper luminaire placement is essential for appropriate vertical illuminance, good color rendering, and elimination of shadows, especially when viewing images in mirrors. The customer, not the mirror should be illuminated.

Take note of the color temperature and color rendering of the lighting in the merchandising area.  The color of clothing should be rendered in the fitting room as it was on the display rack.The face is the first thing a shopper will notice in the mirror. Combine diffuse and directional light sources to accentuate facial features and flatter skin tones.

Today’s energy saving lighting technologies have an added benefit:  they radiate less heat.  This reduces the cooling load and helps to make dressing rooms more comfortable. ​​​

fitting rooms lighting


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