Applications for LED Vapor Lights

LED vapor lights install in places where wet fixtures are necessary. These fixtures have seals and gaskets that illuminate indoor and outdoor areas where humidity, dust, and water exposure are more likely to happen.


These lights are typically mounted on walls, soffits, or ceilings. Although they're more common in schools, industrial settings, and commercial buildings, they also have home-based benefits to consider.


LED vapor lights are an excellent addition to bathrooms, garages, kitchens, and other at-home, high-humidity environments.


When Should I Consider Using Vapor Tight Lighting?


LED vapor lights provide a rugged product that makes them ideal for numerous residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They succeed when a traditional fixture might be too vulnerable to operate.


Imagine that lighting needs are required at a car wash. The intense water, soap, and dirt streams would never let an incandescent fixture operate successfully. When an LED vapor light is available, the business can achieve its illumination goals without needing to replace the product constantly.


Another common place for vapor tight lighting is in a cold-storage or refrigeration unit. These indoor spaces often experience condensation that builds up on surfaces while temperatures stay below freezing. By keeping the moisture out of the light source, the product continues to produce illumination.


Food-processing facilities often use vapor tight lighting because this design is much easier to clean. If you've ever had to clean the grease off the front of kitchen cabinets, you have an idea of the maintenance needs in this industrial environment for lighting preservation. Any other product would add time and costs to this necessary process.


What Are the Benefits of LED Vapor Lights?


The most obvious benefit that LED vapor lights offer is added durability. Because this product comes sealed against the potential elements for its installation environment, the upkeep and maintenance required to maintain operations are significantly lower compared to standard counterparts.


That means it takes less time, and costs are lower, when repairs or replacements of LED vapor lights are necessary.


Another advantage to consider is the ease of cleaning the product. When an environment must meet cleanliness requirements, there are no shortcuts available. The time and energy it takes to clean a typical fixture are time-consuming because of the delicate work required.


When you invest in LED vapor lights, you're also getting the benefits of an energy-efficient diode instead of using incandescent or fluorescent technologies. Depending on the items replaced with LEDs, the savings could be up to 85%.


You can upgrade or retrofit to LED vapor lights with relative ease. Most buildings experience enough of an energy savings that the products pay for themselves within a year or two.


How to Find the Best LED Vapor Lights


When LED vapor lights are what your environments demand, the best way to find your illumination needs is to consider the product's Ingress Protection (IP) rating.


IP ratings are defined under EN 60529 and IEC 60509. They're used to define standardized levels of sealing effectiveness for electrical enclosures. The measurements relate to moisture and foreign body intrusion.


The IP rating is a two-digit number. The first signifies the intrusion protection rating, while the second communicates moisture protection.


Here's an overview of what to expect when looking at IP ratings.


First Digit of the IP Rating: Intrusion Protection


  1. No special protection available – the product isn't rated for this function.
  2. Protections from a large body part or solid options bigger than 50 mm in diameter.
  3. Protects against fingers or objects not bigger than 12 mm in diameter or 80 mm long.
  4. Offers protection from entry by wires, tools, and other products with a diameter of 2.5 mm or greater.
  5. Delivers protective qualities against solid objects larger than 1 mm.
  6. Partial protection against dust that could harm the equipment.
  7. Dust tight.


Second Digit of the IP Rating: Moisture Protection


  1. Doesn't offer any moisture protection.
  2. Protects against vertical droplets, including condensation.
  3. Can protect against droplets deflected from 15 degrees of a vertical fall.
  4. Provides protection from sprays and droplets that stray up to 60 degrees from vertical.
  5. Offers protections against a water splash from any direction; tested by having an oscillating spray impact the item for at least ten minutes.
  6. Offers protection against low-pressure jets of directed water from any angle.
  7. Delivers a protective result against direct high-pressure water streams.
  8. Can handle full immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of three feet.
  9. Handles extended high-pressure immersion.
  10. Usually seen with road vehicle applications, it handles steam-cleaning, wash-downs, high-pressure sprays, and high-temperature jets.


Some products show an X in the IP rating. That information lets you know that there isn't a value for that component, so it can be replaced by a 0 when looking for the best LED vapor lights.


When you need robust solutions for your illumination needs, LED vapor lights bring the features and qualities needed for almost any environment. You can expect the highest levels of durability while enjoying a product that installs in just a few minutes! 


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