Panel Light vs Down Light

​In today's market, the two most commonly utilized lighting options across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are panel lights and down lights. While these solutions share several similarities, it is important to consider their subtle differences to determine which illumination solution is ideal for your space. In this article, we will dig it out to help you make a comparison.​​​

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Part 1. What are Panel Lights?

Panel lights are an attractive lighting for their slim installation profile, which provides a seamless wall of illumination without visible bulbs. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including home offices, malls, and finished basements. The lightweight and maneuverable design of panel lights can help reduce labor and installation expenses. Furthermore, this technology allows for near-flush installation of LEDs, making it suitable for shallow ceiling applications.

Part 2. What Are Down Lights?

Down lights offer downward illumination but with a greater angle than panel lights. Most products in this category provide a beam angle of 20 to 60 degrees, making them ideal for accent lighting. A single-panel light typically offers 120 degrees of illumination. With adjustable beam angles, you can spotlight specific items in a room. However, because of the narrower coverage angle, more downlights are required to provide the same illumination as a single panel light. It usually takes at least two to do the work of a single-panel light.

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Part 3. Panel Lights vs. Down Lights: Which Is Better?

The choice between panel lights or downlights will depend on the specific needs of your project. Panel lights work well in commercial settings such as malls, supermarkets, and halls, while downlights are better suited for spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. For general illumination, panel lights are efficient, while angled downlights are ideal for creating accents. If upgrading a space, a panel light is a better option as it can install on top of the ceiling. If there are already recessed lights, LED downlights are a practical choice.

Bonus Tip: Panel Light & Downlight in LEDVANCE

1. Panel Light

SYLVANIA Panel lights are the ideal choice for environmentally-conscious businesses seeking to save on energy costs without sacrificing quality. With up to 47% in energy savings, these LED alternatives to traditional fluorescent luminaires feature back-lit and edge-lit technology combined with diffused lenses for even, uniform lighting. Available in three sizes and three color temperatures, these lightweight, low-profile panels are perfect for illuminating offices, retail spaces, and hospitality areas. Their slim design also makes them easy to install in tight ceiling spaces, providing a practical and efficient lighting solution for many projects. 

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2. Downlight

Sylvania Hard Wired Downlights - a versatile and efficient LED recessed downlight kit suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects. With universal input voltage and compatibility with both 5" and 6" frames, this kit creates high-performing white light that is perfect for applications utilizing pin-based compact fluorescent lamps. Choose from a variety of color temperatures (2700K to 5000K) to meet your unique needs. With energy savings of up to 60%, these downlights are a smart and cost-effective choice for businesses seeking to reduce energy costs while maintaining excellent lighting quality. Install them quickly and easily in most standard frames and watch your space transform!​

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