Effective Light Pollution Solutions to Implement

What Is Light Pollution?


Light pollution is the excessive use of outdoor artificial light that interferes with the natural environment.


When you see satellite pictures of our planet at night, vast spaces of Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East have prominent illumination. Only portions of the Amazon, the Sahara, and Siberia have nearly total darkness. 


If enough artificial light is in a single environment, the natural migration and navigation of birds, turtles, and other animals get disrupted.


Should I Reduce Light Pollution?


Light pollution reduction can help people find a routine that works for their needs. A dark night sky serves as a reminder that the universe is far greater than the encounters everyone experiences


It's not just people that benefit from a darker evening sky. Animals need these spaces to hunt if they're nocturnal, regulate body chemistry, or find their way around the world.


The extra light that is used at night isn't free. Generating all that energy produces waste when people are asleep, but the world outside is brightly lit.


Here are some ideas to help you begin the process of reducing the light pollution in and around your home.


  • Choose your outdoor lighting options carefully.
  • Discuss implementing an outdoor lighting ordinance for your neighborhood.
  • Have discussions about the effects of light trespassing.
  • Create plans for balanced street light implementation.


When we talk about the effects of light pollution, it's easier to spread the word about this issue so that its impact can be minimized.


Do LED Lights Reduce Light Pollution?


LED lights don't necessarily reduce light pollution, but they can provide help with the energy consumption issue.

The energy savings potential of replacing incandescent lights with LED alternatives can be significant.


One beneficial element that LED lights offer is the option to eliminate the blue spectrum from artificial light. By reducing exposure to the light waves that generate feelings of being awake. It is possible to reduce the influences of this pollution while maintaining enough artificial light to navigate through the night.


When choosing outdoor lighting solutions, an LED light bulb can provide security while minimizing your property's impact on others. Although it is still artificial light, it's also a step in the right direction.


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