Ground Light: Excellent Wingman of Your Walkway Lighting

What is a ground light?

Ground lights are commonly found in round lighting fixtures that are installed directly underground. It's typically used to illuminate walkways and driveways in parks or gardens, which really improves visibility. The ground light can help create a sense of drama and atmosphere by illuminating trees or architecture with an upward lighting effect. And, it also outlines the figures standing around the yard—those you don't see on a typical night. Thus, ground lights can be a powerful night lighting solution for parks or hotel gardens.


Since ground lights are hidden underground, the actual lighting effect is what matters. In the case of underground, make sure it's being used to illuminate a presence in your yard that needs to be highlighted.


How is ground light installed?


1. Use proper electrical wiring from power to fixtures and controls.

It is critical to select the correct wire based on voltage, amperage rating and environment. Using the incorrect wire size will damage your product. If direct burial installation is used, always use direct burial rated wiring.

2. Dig holes and trenches for the light fixtures and the wiring between the lights and the power supply.

The diameter of the hole should be 6 inches larger than the diameter of the light fixture, and the depth should be 8 inches deeper than the height of the fixture.

3. It is recommended to fill the hole with 8 inches of gravel for drainage.

Place the fixture in the hole and fill the remaining volume with pea gravel to ensure a secure fit and proper drainage. If installed in concrete, pour the concrete slab using standard masonry techniques and allow the concrete to set before proceeding to the next step.

Is LED the Best Choice for Ground Lights?

Since the LED lighting technology is getting better and more mature, there is no ambiguity that the LED is the best for ground lighting. Reasons see below:

  • Energy saving – LEDs can output high lumens at low wattage, which is more advantageous in saving energy. Ground light cannot be easily replaced due to their installation methods and usage scenarios. The use of LED lamps can greatly reduce energy costs.
  • Long life - The current LED lights can reach 50,000 hours or more. Due to the way the ground lights are installed, replacement will be more troublesome, so choosing LED lights with longer life can reduce the number of replacements.
  • Durable – LEDs are made of solid material and have no parts such as filaments, tubes or bulbs, so they are less likely to be damaged. This means LEDs are more suitable for outdoor usage of Ground Light.
  • No Delay Lighting - The LED lights up instantly when powered on, in line with the uniformity of ground light.
  • Unaffected by low temperatures - LED lights can be activated even in sub-zero weather.
  • Distinguished Color Rendering - LEDs do not fade like other light sources such as fluorescent lights, and can better reproduce colors at night
  • Environmentally Preferable - contains no mercury or other harmful substance​​


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