Parking Lot Lights - Complete Buyer’s Guide

A parking lot is one of the essential infrastructures in a city, playing a pivotal role in promoting urban development. It's widely recognized that parking lots are closely linked with lighting structures, where effective illumination is crucial for their smooth operation. However, when there's a need for continuous nighttime lighting might escalate the property owners' energy bills. Among the different types of light bulbs, LEDs stand out as the category with the lowest energy consumption.

In this blog post, I will present the most comprehensive information regarding LED parking lot lighting. Let's get started​!

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Part 1. Why LED Makes the Best Commercial Parking Lot Lights?

​​​LED parking lot lights provide a superior and even distribution of light compared to the conventional HID lamps commonly used for parking lot lighting. Moreover, LED lights require significantly less frequent maintenance, resulting in substantial savings on maintenance costs. In contrast, traditional lighting systems rely on mechanical components like filaments, contact wires, and support wires, which inherently heighten the vulnerability to glitches and breakdowns. It makes LED lights more efficient and reliable, making them a prudent choice for modern parking lot illumination.

Part 2. Benefits for Parking Lot LED lights

Safety: Diminished illumination in parking lots can give rise to heightened safety apprehensions during the night. Inadequately illuminated parking lots are susceptible to increased crime rates and a higher likelihood of vehicular accidents. The substantial brightness output of LED lights significantly enhances the safety and visibility of the parking area. Moreover, their clear illumination significantly improves the performance of CCTV systems, aiding in capturing any accidents that might occur.

Energy-saving: LED parking lot lights surpassing their HID counterparts by up to 70%, which not only contributes to significant savings in energy expenses but also aligns with eco-friendly practices. Moreover, it can get up to 140 lumens per watt which enhances their performance and cost-effectiveness greatly.

Cost: Embracing LED lights translates to reduced energy expenses and does not need regular maintenance. LEDs boast an extended replacement cycle, ranging from 5 to 25 years, a remarkable contrast to the frequent changes required by conventional lighting systems.

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Part 3. How Many Luminaires Are Needed To Light Up a Parking Lot?

In general, a higher lumen value corresponds to greater brightness. The specific lumen requirement to illuminate a parking lot hinges on various factors including its dimensions, desired brightness, and proximity to neighboring structures.

For installations at heights of 15-20ft, it's advisable to opt for two 20,000-lumen lights per pole, ensuring ample luminosity. If the lights are mounted at 29-30ft, a 40,000-lumen bulb offers suitable brilliance, with a recommended spacing of 30ft between poles. To make informed decisions about lumen output, consulting an expert is not a bad idea.

Part 4. Retrofit vs. Non-Retrofit LED Parking Lot Light Solution

Retrofit regarding LED light fixtures is upgrading or converting an old or outdated light like the incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulb to an LED technology without replacing all the light components. This is done using an LED retrofit kit solution.

Non-retrofitting or LED replacement is the total replacement of an old light bulb fixture with an LED light bulb fixture. It requires you to dispose of the components of the old light bulb completely. 

Retrofitting your old light is better than completely replacing the light source in your parking lot when trying to cut costs. This is an excellent option for companies who use large parking lot spaces, especially if their budget is low. Retrofitting helps you get the same benefit while saving costs.​

Bonus Tips: Explore Your Option for LED Parking Lot Lights Retrofit

If you're in search of a dependable LED supplier, look no further than LEDVANCE! As a trailblazing lighting company, we're wholeheartedly committed to brightening your world with state-of-the-art solutions. And help you find the best lighting solution.

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For LED parking lot lights retrofit, we highly recommended UltraLED™ Area Light, which is designed for high output benefits of today's LED. Seamlessly replacing conventional lighting, it effortlessly brightens parking lots and garage roofs alike. Plus, experience up to 68% energy savings compared to conventional sources. Boasting straightforward installation and an array of distribution options, it extends unmatched adaptability for diverse applications.



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