The Basics of Baseball Field Lighting

Whether it's played for a professional competition, at school, or in a college stadium, specific rules need to be followed to provide the needed illumination with the right baseball field lighting.

The suitable lighting installation should provide enough visibility in the outfield and infield, so the players can see the ball and other details on the field for an improved playing experience. At the same time, with proper illumination, the audience in the stadium and at home should be able to watch the game's details with great precision.

This is why LED lights are suitable for baseball lighting, as they withstand extended working hours and provide the needed illumination and visibility. In this article, we'll talk more about the requirements of baseball lighting and the factors that affect lighting installation. So, keep on reading.

Why Should You Consider LED for Baseball Field Lighting?

Compared to other lighting technologies, LED lights are excellent for stadium installation, including baseball field lighting. They provide several benefits in the field.

LED lights provide excellent illumination with low wattage consumption. Because a high brightness level is required, the energy-saving operation is highly desirable and reduces the overall cost of operating and managing the baseball field.

LED light fixtures have high luminous efficiency or lux. This is measured by lumens per watt and can be up to 150 lux.

These lights don't dissipate heat even with extended use. So, they stay cool, which protects the chips from damage.

All the light produced by LED lights is used as they minimize waste. In addition, these light fixtures utilize all the energy to produce an intense or diffused light based on the beam angle with no glare that causes shadows and affects visibility while a baseball game is played.

LED lights don't have a warmup time, unlike traditional light sources like metal halide and incandescent light. Once you turn on the lights, the baseball will get illuminated, so you won't wait for a few minutes to reach the desired illumination.

Installing LED light guarantees having higher CRI on the field. When the CRI is higher than 70, visibility will be increased, and the audience will be able to enjoy better TV broadcasts.

LED lights are water and impact resistant. They'll withstand harsh weather conditions and won't malfunction during baseball games.

There are different mounting options available, so you'll be able to install and mount LED lights to enjoy the desired illumination on the baseball field.

Some types of LED floodlights have a life span of up to 100,000 hours. This means that you won't worry much about replacing them, decreasing the cost and time needed to keep the baseball adequately illuminated. They also sometimes come with a warranty that can be up to 10 years.​

​​Baseball Field Lighting Outline

Baseball fields have different lighting requirements depending on the nature of the game and the field itself. For example, a game in the Minor League doesn't have the same requirements as the World Series.

Not following these requirements leads to poor lighting that affects visibility, eventually affecting the players' ability to trace the fast-moving ball during the game.

Baseball Field Lighting Standards and Requirements

These requirements are set according to the class of the baseball field and the game played. In more professional games, more luminance is needed, especially since these games are broadcasted on TV.




Class I


Class II


Class III


Class IV



1000 lux


500 lux


300 lux


200 lux







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 Sports Clubs


 🗸 🗸 🗸 

 Amateur League


  🗸 🗸 🗸
 High School  🗸 🗸 🗸
  Training   🗸 🗸
 Elementary School    🗸

Baseball Field Lighting Design and Layout

In addition to the luminance requirements, the layout and design of the light installment differ between different baseball fields. Here are the factors that affect the lighting design and layout.


When designing diamond dimensions, designers have several options, whether designing a game for pro play or amateur play. The distance between bases needs to be about 60 feet for little league and at least 90 feet for high school games. 

The light fixtures should be installed on the poles around the field to provide excellent visibility in all light and weather conditions. During the game, there would be curves and turns, and the players and audience should be able to see the ball from all angles.


Four light poles are needed in high school, college, and minor league games. Two are placed on the sides of the home plate, and the other two are behind the left-center field and the right-center field. These poles are usually between 40 and 50 feet tall.

Two more poles are needed in the outfield in competitive games and bigger baseball fields. This pole arrangement is designed to guarantee light uniformity and better visibility on the field and in TV broadcasts. The poles where the lights are installed in these professional games are between 100 and 180 feet tall.

The LED fixtures should be designed to produce player-friendly light that won't cause strain. They should also reduce glare which interferes with the players' ability to spot the ball while it's moving.


A lot of LED lighting systems come with software options that immediately turn on and off the light once the field's manager clicks a button on a phone app. They can also be dimmed on demand to provide the needed light output.

Controlling which lights are on is easier compared to metal halides that take minutes until they reach their full illumination. The baseball field manager can also choose which lights are on to create spotlights during lineups.


Deciding on the appropriate baseball field lighting guarantees a better playing experience where the players can see the fast-moving ball, and the audience can watch the details of the game live or during a TV broadcast.

LED lighting systems cover baseball fields' illumination requirements. Upgrading your current traditional lighting system to a new LED lighting system will improve the experience for everyone involved in a baseball game.

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