Things You Need to Know About LED Vintage Light Bulbs


What are Vintage Light Bulbs?


Edison bulbs, retrospectively known as antique or vintage bulbs, refer to carbon or early tungsten incandescent bulbs, or modern bulbs that reproduce the same appearance. Most light bulbs on the market are replicas of the wound filament light bulbs popularized by the Edison Electric Company in the early 20th century. They are easily identifiable by the long, intricate windings of the inner filament and the very warm yellow light they produce (many bulbs emit light with a color temperature of 2200-2400K).


Why are Vintage Light Bulbs Still Popular Now?

In the 1800s, the original incandescent light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, and since then the warm, romantic glow of these beautiful bulbs adds a traditional and warm feel to any room. Because of its unique aesthetic, most retro style bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. will use retro bulbs for the best ambience. The stylish decorative shape and exquisite inner ring design of glass bulbs bring beauty and beauty to many lamps. When the bulbs emit a warm glow, you can easily create retro-inspired decor styles like steampunk and old industrial. Today, for individual consumers, Edison bulbs are also used in modern home improvement and combine their lighting fixtures with the light bulb's clean design. So retro light bulbs have always been very popular. The retro bulb design is one of the most complete in its original form, sturdy and durable.


Would LED Vintage Light Bulbs be the Better Choice than an Incandescent One?


Compared to incandescent lamps, LED Vintage light bulbs are undoubtedly a better choice. Below reasons for your information:

  • The average lifespan of an ordinary incandescent light bulb is only about 2,000 hours. However, LED Edison bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, providing us with long enough romantic lighting.
  • The power consumption of LEDs is very low, which means they are low maintenance. Judging from the use of Vintage Light, it will keep power on for a long time, so using LEDs can save energy cost.
  • LED Vintage light bulbs are of excellent CRI, they do not wash out colors like other light sources such as fluorescents, making them perfect for displays and romantic atmospheres.
  • LED Vintage light bulbs contain no mercury or other hazardous substances.

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