Flexible But Simple: Why Track Light Became Popular?

5 features of Track Lighting:

1. Multi-scene application

Track lighting has no limiting function or location. With endless applications, they are an easy choice for any room in your workplace. Track lights can light up a space in a dark hallway,  or living room, offices,  or just to light up fine art in the museum or family photos like a spotlight can do.

2.  Simple installation

Simple installation is one of the most unique features of track lighting. It allows you to actually increase bunches of light in a room without any difficult electrical work or cut into the ceiling. If you're willing to replace any existing light fixture, you don't have to totally change the installation.

3. Easy to adjust

Many quick and easy changes can be made to your lighting environment. For example, you can adjust the track head along the length of the track to better illuminate where you want it to be, whether it's front or rear, left or right, or high and low.

4. Various optional sizes

Tracks are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths and can be spliced or cut to whatever you want. To further meet your lighting needs, orbital heads are also available in abounding sizes. For lower ceilings, we recommend some smooth, small track lights; for high or vaulted ceilings, we recommend large, powerful one.

5. Customizable styles

With a wide variety of track lights, from tradition to fashion, you're sure to find a style to suit your lighting environment. Track lighting isn't a bulky, outdated traditional spotlight or industrial light. Numerous track lighting options include stylish and vintage track heads and pendant lights that easily blend into any style of scene.

Why LED the best Track Lighting?

1. LEDs produce almost no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, so they can be used to illuminate fabrics and artwork, which is perfect for Track Light's common uses.

2. The LED lamp is shock-resistant and has no fragile filament, so it is suitable for most occasions.

3. The power consumption of LEDs is very low, which means that they have low maintenance costs, and Track Light is more suitable for LED lights for long-term use

4. LEDs do not contain mercury, harmful gases or toxins.

5. The LED lamp has a long service life. As a Track Light, it can be used for long-term art and gallery lighting.

6. High energy efficiency. Using LED lights as Track Light can reduce energy waste.

7. The design is flexible, this feature is very suitable for Track Light to show in a variety of design styles.​


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