UFO Lights

What Are U​FO Lights?


UFO lights are high-efficiency lights shaped like UFOs. The UFO LED light covers a broader space and is used to brighten a larger room. It uses LED technology, meaning it saves energy and has a longer life span.


While there are different types of UFO LED lights, one important factor you must consider is the room size and ceiling height. This will determine the type of UFO light you should get. Basically, we have the High Bay UFO LED  light, and the Low Bay UFO LED light.


High Bay UFO Light vs. Low Bay UFO Light


The UFO LED light is broadly classified into two; the high bay UFO light and the low bay UFO light. The most important difference in differentiating these two categories is the ceiling height. As the name implies, the high bay lights are used for 20-40ft high ceilings.


On the flip side, low bay lights are used for ceilings between 12 ft to 20ft. So, low bay lights are used for smaller spaces like rooms or small business areas like retail shops, restaurants, etc. High bay lights are used for commercial spaces like train stations, gymnasiums, etc.


When buying a UFO LED bay light, you must consider the specific light you need to avoid getting the wrong fixture. For example, if you fit a high bay UFO light on a ceiling that is 12ft high, the light will be too strong. So what are the other differences between the high bay UFO light and the low bay UFO light? 


Differences Between High Bay UFO Led Light and Low Bay UFO Led Light


  • Brightn​ess: The brightness of both lights is not the same. The low bay light is below 100 watts, while the high bay light is above 100 watts. Since the high bay light covers a broader area, it's only reasonable that it will be brighter.
  • Method of Hanging: Hanging the low bay light is relatively easy. You don't need any special knowledge to do so. The low bay light is suspended from a hook or chain. However, the high bay light could either be installed with a hook mount, ½ NPT mount (National Pipe Thread), or a ceiling mount.
  • Beam Angles: Low bay lights are fixed to ceilings below 10ft high, and because of this, a narrower angle will lead to poor lighting as some spots will be left in the dark. This is why low bay lights come in a 120-degree beam angle that can brighten the whole floor space. The high bay light, however, comes in different angles varying from 60°, 90°, and 120°. This allows you to narrow the light beam if necessary.
  • ​Reflectors: Low bay lights have reflectors or lenses that distribute the light evenly. Reflectors are used to redirect the light. High bay UFO LED lights don't use reflectors. They have lens angles that can adjust the beam angle.

How to Calculate the UFO Bay Lights Needed


You will need more than one bay light to light up any type of room space, as one bay light cannot be enough to brighten the whole room.


Calculating how many bay lights you will need to light up a room effectively varies from product to product and depends on many factors. The best thing to do is to calculate using professional lighting software.


You will need to input the room's size, the ceiling's height, and the room's required brightness, as these factors are necessary to know how the bay lights should be spaced. Also, input the IES files into the software, and you will get your result.

What Are Linear Led Lights?


Unlike the UFO LED round light, the LED linear light is a close linear arrangement of light diodes, which allows it to cover a wider area uniformly.


The linear LED and UFO LED light performs similar functions. They are both used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. Since they both use LED technology, they have long lifespans and don't lose their brightness quickly. Both lights are also dimmable. However, they have some attributes that differentiate them, which will guide you when choosing an LED light. 


Differences between UFO High Bay Led Light and Linear High Bay Led Light


  • Ceiling Height: linear LED lights are suitable for ceilings below 35 feet, while the UFO LED light can be used for ceilings above 35 feet.
  • Beam Angle: UFO light is more suitable for open areas because of its round nature. The linear LED light is best for narrow areas like isles because it has a larger beam angle and uniform light output.
  • Light Distribution: UFO lights do not perform well when there is too much space between them. This will leave white spots in between. However, linear lights perform well when spaced. Their rectangular diode arrangement helps light to be evenly circulated.
  • Environmental Conditions: UFO lights are waterproof and dustproof. Linear LEDs do not have such protective measures.
  • Installation Cost: Installing linear LED is more expensive because you need two hooks or chains, while UFO lights are installed using just one hook or chain. Also, fixing linear lights takes more time to balance, unlike the UFO, which is easier to install because it is round.
  • Replacement of Traditional Bay Lights: UFO lights are suitable for replacing metal halide high bay lights because they are also round, while the linear light best replaces the fluorescent high bay light.



There is the low bay light and high bay light; the low bay light is used for lower ceilings, while high bay lights are used for higher ceilings. The UFO bay light has a round shape like a UFO. It is used to light halls with high ceilings and is hung with a hook, pendant, or pipe. UFO LED lights are long-lasting and economical. They also have decorative features and are necessary fixtures for lighting up large areas.


Knowing which UFO bay light to get and how many would be needed to light a room is essential. Another thing to consider is its brightness, which is calculated in lumens. Finally, compared to metal halide bay lights and fluorescent bay lights, the UFO bay light is a better option as it is more economical and efficient. 



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