Vapor Proof Light Fixture Buying Guide

Vapor proof light , known as wet location fixtures, are specifically designed for challenging environmental conditions. These lights are weatherproof, waterproof, and dustproof, ensuring optimal performance in adverse settings. Featuring a protective outer shell made of polyurethane or fiberglass, they safeguard the light bulb and wiring from vapor, water, dust, moisture, and non-explosive gasses.

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Part 1. The Application of Vapor Proof Light Fixture

The vapor-proof light can fit well in any indoor and outdoor location that is prone to vapor and moisture. For example, it is the perfect choice when you require a light source that can effectively operate in conditions where moisture and vapor are present, even in inadequately protected areas.

Vapor-proof light fixtures are commonly used in various locations, including car washes, tunnels, public bathrooms, laundry facilities, bakeries, steam showers, kitchens, swimming pools, walk-in freezers, garages, and any other areas where moisture can potentially impact the light source.​​

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Part 2. The IP Rating of Vapor Proof Light Fixtures

Vapor-proof light fixtures are assigned IP ratings to indicate their level of ingress protection. The most common IP ratings for these fixtures are IP65, IP66, and IP67, each offering different degrees of protection. Here are the details for each rating:

  • IP65 Rating: A vapor-proof light with an IP65 rating ensures no ingress of solids and can withstand water projected by a 0.25-inch nozzle from any angle.

  • IP66 Rating: In addition to complete protection against solid intrusion, IP66-rated enclosures are designed to resist powerful jets of water from a 0.50-inch nozzle.

  • IP67 Rating: Enclosures with an IP67 rating prevent the ingress of water in harmful quantities when fully immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of at least one meter.​

Note: Get more details about IP rating.​

Part 3. The Types of Vapor Proof Light Fixture

Vapor proof lights can be classified based on their location of use. Different enclosures of vapor proof light fixtures have been designed to meet the needs of some specific location types. They are:​

  • High Bay Vapor Proof Lights: High bay lights used for halls or rooms with high ceilings (20-40ft). These lights are designed to disperse light around a large area. 

  • Linear Vapor Lights: These vapor lights are widespread. The linear light is designed for more expansive areas where a linear light arrangement is necessary to disperse light evenly in the room properly. 

  • Jar Vapor Lights: This type of light is enclosed in a jar shape. They are either fixed to the ceiling or on the wall, with a pendant or directly. These vapor lights fit well in small areas.

Vapor-proof light fixtures are available in three bulb types, allowing you to select the one that best suits your business needs.

Part 4. The Advantage of LED Vapor Proof Tight Light

  • Energy-saving: Vapor-tight LED lights significantly reduce energy consumption while providing high-level brightness. In large spaces where several hundred lighting fixtures are required for illumination, the energy-saving feature of vapor-proof lights can help significantly reduce electricity bills.

  • Cold-resistant: LED vapor-tight lights outperform fluorescent bulbs in cold weather conditions, maintaining consistent brightness. Fluorescent bulbs tend to dim in such situations, making LED lights a reliable choice for wet areas.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Vapor-proof lighting fixtures are designed with a complete dust-proof and vapor-proof seal, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. Simply install the fixture and replace it with a new one if it becomes damaged. To minimize maintenance costs, the most effective approach is to install equipment that demands minimal upkeep from the outset.​​

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​Part 5. Why Buy Vapor Proof Lights from LEDVANCE?

LEDVANCE is a trusted LED lighting supplier in the USA, offering a range of Vapor Proof Lighting options. Our selection includes IP65 Remote Control Vapor Tight and UltraLED Dual Selectable Vapor Tight 3A fixtures, among others. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products to our customers. For more information about our products or our company, please contact us now!​​

​Part 6. FAQs Related to Vapor Proof Lights

Are the vapor proof lights the same as vapor tight lights?

Yes. Vapor tight and vapor proof lights are essentially the same as they perform the same function. Both lights are designed to withstand water, vapor, and dust. They both have an ingress protection rating and a protective casing. Find more info for vapor proof light vs. vapor tight light​​

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