What Is Lumen Maintenance?

Lumen maintenance measures how much light a source produces when it is new while comparing it with the light output at a future time.

It's expressed as a percentage of specific hours where the “L" value of the product relates to the initial output.


Imagine that a brand-new LED fixture produces 100% of its available light once installed. The lumen maintenance measurement would be how much of that remains after a specific amount of time.


Any L rating is possible with the testing and measurement of LED lights. The most common is L70, but you can find everything from L90 to L50 offered for consideration.


What Is an L70 Rating?

The L70 rating for LED lights represents information that the product retains 70% of its original brilliance after a specified time.


Another way to express that information is how long it takes the product to lose 30% of its initial luminance.


Although LED lights are rated for 50,000 hours or more today, the actual luminance changes as time passes. If you find a product with an L70 rating at 25,000 hours, that means the median product rating at that time gives you that percentage of luminance from its initial situation.


The light could be considered a failure if it doesn't meet the L-rating standard. Because these ratings are based on large sample sizes, there is no guarantee that each product will perform as expected once installed.


How to Maximize LED Light Life


You can take specific steps to maximize or extend the lumen maintenance rating of any LED product. In return, you'll be able to save money by reducing overhead costs with this energy-efficient solution.


Here are the best ways to maximize your LED light life.


  1. Control the LED lights when they're not in use. Turn them off when you leave a room. You can even install smart switches or motion detectors to maximize the illumination efficiencies of a home or business.
  2. Avoid turning the lights on and off frequently. This action could negatively impact any lighting options.
  3. Use timers to manage your lighting to avoid using them when no one is in the room.
  4. Ensure the switch can support the fixture. Some LED lights under-perform when equipped with traditional dimmers.


Try reviewing the light maintenance rating when looking for the best LED lighting solutions for your needs. That information lets you know what to expect when you purchase the product. 


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