BR30 vs. BR40: What’s the Difference?

If you're purchasing batch light bulbs for recessed cans, you will find there are several options you can choose.

In this post, we are going to show you the two most used light bulbs in recessed cans: BR30 and BR40. It will help you make the final decision after reading! Go ahead.

br30 vs br40 


The Shape & Size: BR30 vs. BR40

BR refers to a bulged reflector. The main difference between BR30 and BR40 is their size and shape. Since the size is measured in 1/8 inches, BR30 bulbs have a diameter of 3.75 inches, while BR40 bulbs have a diameter of 5 inches. This size difference affects their brightness, coverage area, and usage. When you're inquiring about recessed cans, the first thing you need to know is the sizes and cans. The cans on the market are generally 4" or 5" or 6". For 4" cans, choosing BR 30 is much better. For 5" cans, you can see a little space to all sides with BR30 while BR40 fits with no space in the little. For 6", we recommend you choose BR 40.

The shapes of these LED lights may differ depending on the brand you choose. Most of them have the traditional bell shape with either a slightly rounded head or a flat one. They can be used in various in-house, outdoor, or business settings. And they can give plenty of illumination without significantly damaging the electric bill.

Differences Between BR30 and BR40 LED Bulbs

Now to get into the nitty-gritty details of these two versatile light bulbs. When considering BR30 vs. BR40 options, you need to look at each feature to choose a solution appropriate for your specific living space or commercial area. Let’s explore these differences in more detail to help you make an informed decision.


There is not a big difference between BR30 and BR40 when it comes to brightness. But, for a building with a higher ceiling or a place that needs better light coverage, the BR40 can meet the requirement much better. They have a wider lens that can help to spread light across faraway distances. As for BR30, it provides focused light, and it works much better than BR40 on dimmer switches.

Color Temperatures

Finally, it's essential to consider the color temperature of your LED options when choosing between BR30 and BR40 bulbs. The color temperature is significantly brighter in the BR30 ode, offering 40-70% more brightness because they are often used in outdoor floodlight situations. Most BR30 LED bulbs stick to indoor or office settings where overly bright light may not be appropriate.


The Features BR30 and BR 40 Have in Common


One of the most significant differences between BR30 and BR40 LED bulbs is their lifespan. LED lighting, in general, is going to be much longer lasting than any traditional incandescent lightbulb. This means that BR40 and BR30 bulbs may last longer and require less frequent replacement, ultimately saving you money in the long run.


Even though both BR30 and BR40 LED bulbs are dimmable, meaning you can adjust their brightness to create the perfect ambiance in your space, BR30 is often celebrated as the better model in this aspect.

Note: when selecting an LED bulb, be sure that the switch associated with that light fixture is set up to handle the specific model you choose. Otherwise, the dimming features may not function correctly.


When looking at BR30 vs. BR30 bulbs, remember that both types of bulbs are designed to be long-lasting. Some brands will focus more on BR40 bulbs by making their internal elements a bit more robust and durable than BR30 bulbs. This is because they are larger and have a more substantial build, which makes them more resistant to physical damage and wear and tear. Overall, both will outlast a traditional incandescent option.


This is a universal advantage of any LED lighting option. LED technology always remains cool or near cool. That is because the diodes do not require combustion or ignition of any kind. Instead, it is all done through electricity only, meaning less heat production than most other bulbs.

Color Rendering

Color rendering refers to how accurately a light source can reproduce the colors of objects in a room. Both BR30 and BR40 bulbs have excellent color rendering capabilities, with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or above.

br30 bulb usage 

Where BR30 and BR40 Can Be Used

You get a ton of illumination versatility with BR40 vs BR30 light bulbs, but they do have more common uses compared to one another. For example, you would typically find BR30 bulbs in recessed lighting, tracking lighting, or specific outdoor lights for spotlights and backyard family activities.

With BR40, you get a more commercial brightness appropriate for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and storage facilities. They are also commonly used for accent lighting for architectural features and some artwork.

The right decision between the two LED options is going to be entirely up to you and where you want to use them. It helps to measure the space you want to light up and how bright you want to be able to see. Then you can pick between the two a bit easier.

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At around 1450 in available lumens, the SYLVANIA LED High Lumen BR30 Lamp is a fantastic option to ensure your high ceiling lamps, fans, or various other living spaces are adequately illuminated. This offers a 100W replacement that allows full dimmability down to 10% of total luminosity (given a matching switch).​

sylvania br30 bulb

Additionally, the smooth internal heat sink and LED design ensure you don’t have to worry about hot lamps overhead. That helps you avoid many of the issues traditional bulbs would have created in the past for vacation homes, barns, and outbuildings.

LEDVANCE offers an instant-on feature that goes from complete black to full light with stable color. With over 11,000 hours of usable light that will transform your living space, the High Lumen option from SYLVANIA is the perfect choice for your next buying decision.​

​Final Words

While BR30 and BR40 LED bulbs may look similar, they differ in several key ways. That is why it's essential to consider factors like lifespan, dimming capabilities, durability, and more before making the final decision.

If you're looking for a high-quality BR30 bulb with exceptional brightness and energy efficiency, we recommend the LEDVANCE high lumen BR30 bulb. Between the extraordinary lifespan and dimmable luminosity, this is an excellent choice for lighting in your area without breaking your piggy bank. So why wait? Contact us by clicking the mail icon in the lower right corner!


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