LED Tube Light Buyer Guide

​Choosing the right LED tube lights for your business needs can be a complex process as there are many types of LED tube lights available in the market. Business users need to understand the characteristics and uses of different types of LED tubes and drivers to meet different lighting needs. In this article, we will explain what these terms mean, and analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and applicable scenarios of each type to help companies choose the LED tube that best suits their needs.

How to Choose a Suitable LED Tube

When considering the purchase of LED Tube Lights from the perspective of enterprise procurement, the following are some important considerations:

Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation: LED Tube Lights are more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps and can produce the same or higher brightness with lower energy consumption. Therefore, choosing LED lamps with higher energy efficiency levels can significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs, which is of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection for enterprises.

Lifespan and reliability: Enterprises need to consider the lifespan and reliability of LED Tube Lights in order to reduce the frequency of tube replacement and maintenance costs. A longer lifespan means fewer lamp failures and less repair, which can improve the reliability and stability of the lighting system.

Light quality and lighting requirements: Select the appropriate light quality parameters of LED Tube Lights according to the lighting requirements and working environment of the enterprise. This includes factors such as lumen levels, color temperature, and CRI. Make sure that the lighting effect of the LED tube can meet the needs of the enterprise, provide a comfortable working environment and good lighting effect.

Warranty and after-sales service: When purchasing LED Tube Lights, it is very important to understand the warranty period and after-sales service policy provided by the supplier. Make sure that the quality of the tube is guaranteed, and you can get timely technical support and after-sales service to solve any possible problems.

Cost-effectiveness: Enterprise procurement needs to consider the overall cost-effectiveness of LED tubes. In addition to the purchase price, factors such as energy efficiency, lifespan, and maintenance costs need to be considered comprehensively. Choosing cost-effective LED light tubes can achieve long-term cost savings and returns.

Compliance with safety and regulatory requirements: Ensure that the purchased LED tube lights comply with local safety standards and regulatory requirements. Choose products with relevant certifications, such as UL certification, CE certification, etc., to ensure product quality and safety.

When enterprises purchase LED Tube Lights, they should comprehensively consider the above factors, conduct full communication and understanding with suppliers, and conduct field tests and evaluations to select high-quality, high-performance LED tubes that suit the needs of enterprises.​​

Advantages of LED Tubes Compared to Fluorescent Tubes

LED tube lights utilize solid-state light-emitting diode (LED) technology, while fluorescent lamps utilize fluorescent substances to emit ultraviolet rays under the electric field, and then phosphor powder converts the ultraviolet rays into visible light. However, this conversion process generates a lot of heat and harmful substances.

Advantages of LED Tube Lights over Fluorescent Lights:

  • Higher Energy Efficiency:

    LED tube lights are much more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights. Typically, LED tube lights consume only half or even less energy than fluorescent lights under the same brightness level, thereby reducing energy consumption and usage costs.

  • Longer Lifespan:

    LED tube lights have a longer lifespan than fluorescent lights. Usually, LED tube lights can last for over 50,000 hours, whereas fluorescent lights have a lifespan of only about 10,000 hours. This means that LED tube lights not only reduce the frequency of tube replacements but also minimize waste.

  • More Environmentally Friendly:

    LED tube lights are more environmentally friendly than fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lamps generate pollutants, such as mercury and other harmful substances, during use and disposal, which can pose a threat to the environment and human health. In contrast, LED tube lights do not produce these hazardous substances, making them more eco-friendly.

In short, LED tube lights have numerous advantages over fluorescent lights, including higher energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and more environmental protection.​

How many Types of LED Tube Lights for Replacing Fluorescent?

There are generally three types of LED tube lights that are commonly used as replacements for fluorescent tubes: UL Type A, UL Type B, and UL Type C.

UL Type A LED tubes are the most common type and are designed to be used with existing fluorescent ballasts. They are also known as plug-and-play tubes because they are easy to install by simply removing the existing fluorescent tubes and replacing them with LED tubes.

UL Type B LED tubes need to bypass the ballast and connect directly to the line voltage. This means the existing ballast needs to be removed and the wiring needs to be modified to accommodate direct wiring.

UL Type C LED tubes are LED tubes that use a DC voltage instead of the AC voltage used by traditional fluorescent or LED tubes. This means that UL Type C LED tubes require an external driver to convert AC power to DC power. ​

Some LED Tubes Recommandation

DUALescent Type A+B LED Tubes

DUALescent Type A+B LED Tubes are versatile and efficient lighting solutions. They can be used with instant start and programmed rapid start electronic T8 ballasts, or connected directly to 120-277V. These tubes are easy to install, compatible with both shunted and non-shunted lamp sockets, and can be installed in either direction. They are suitable for replacing T12 lamps and are compatible with emergency ballasts. With a DLC list and up to 56% energy savings, these tubes offer significant cost savings. They are available in various lengths and ensure uniform illumination with a wide beam angle. DUALescent Type A+B LED Tubes are a solid choice for upgrading your lighting system.​

type a+b led tube 

Natural Series LED T8 Tubes

SYLVANIA LEDlescent™ Natural™ LED T8 Ballast-Free Lamps provide an excellent alternative to natural light with their TruWave Technology™. By mimicking the natural light spectrum, these lamps enhance color contrasts and reduce intense blue light, resulting in reduced eye strain, improved readability, and better sleep-wake cycles. Additionally, they are energy-efficient. Unlike other 90+ CRI solutions, TruWave Technology maintains exceptional color quality without sacrificing efficacy. These lamps are designed with a shatterproof frosted nano plastic, ensuring durability and peace of mind

natural series t8 led tube 


LED Tube lights are an excellent lighting option. By choosing LED Tube lights that suit our needs, we can improve lighting efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to environmental protection at the same time. Therefore, choosing LED Tube lights is a positive action that can create a more comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting effect for individuals and businesses.​​​


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