Exploring Light Brightness (Lumens): Things You Need to Know

Light gives us visibility, illuminates the dark, and allows us to experience the beauty and color of the world. In the field of lighting, the light brightness has become an important focus, and we hope to have enough bright light to meet different lighting needs. This article will focus on the topic of "brightness of light", discuss how to choose the most suitable bulb, and help readers make informed decisions in lighting purchases.

How to Measure Light Brightness?

Measuring the brightness of light typically uses a photometer or photometer system. These devices measure the intensity of light emitted by a light source and convert it into lumens. In light bulbs and lighting products, the lumen is used to indicate the brightness of the bulb, and a higher lumen level means that the light emitted by the bulb is brighter. Therefore, when we buy light bulbs, lumen is an important indicator, which can help us choose light bulbs suitable for different lighting needs.

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The Brightness of Different Types of Bulbs and Characteristics

Incandescent light bulb​​​

The incandescent light bulb with a filament inside that is heated by electric current to glow. It provides warm light but is relatively inefficient, with most of the electricity converted to heat rather than light. It's gradually being replaced by energy-saving light bulbs.

incandescent light bulbs  

fluorescent lamps 

Fluorescent lamps​​​

Fluorescent lamps using electrons to excite phosphors. More energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, but contains a small amount of mercury and requires special handling. It takes some time to reach maximum brightness on startup.

LED light bulb

LED light bulbs, with advantages of high efficiency, long life, almost no heat generation. It's available in a variety of color temperatures and lumen levels for a variety of lighting applications.

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How to Choose the Brightest Light Bulb?

Lumen Level: In the office environment, enterprises usually need to provide bright and uniform lighting to improve the work efficiency and comfort of employees. Therefore, it is very important to choose bulbs with the appropriate lumen level to ensure that the entire office space is well illuminated and avoid glare or shadow problems.


​Bulb Type: Enterprises need to consider choosing high-brightness and energy-efficient bulb types. LED bulbs are an ideal choice because they provide high brightness and have low energy consumption. The longer life of LED bulbs also means less frequent replacements, reducing maintenance costs for businesses.

Wattage: Among LED bulbs, bulbs with lower wattage usually provide sufficient brightness while saving energy and helping to reduce energy consumption and related expenses for businesses.

Color temperature: Choosing bulbs with a neutral color temperature (such as 4000-5000K) can help to improve employees' attention and concentration. Thereby help improve work efficiency.

Layout Design: When enterprises purchase lighting systems, it is very important to arrange lamps reasonably. Avoid strong reflections or glare, ensure that light can be evenly distributed throughout the office area, and provide a more comfortable and efficient lighting environment. You can use the LEDVANCE lighting layout tool to get the most suitable lighting design.

By comprehensively considering the above factors, enterprises can choose light bulbs suitable for the office environment and provide employees with a bright, comfortable, and efficient working environment, thereby improving employee work efficiency and satisfaction.

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Factors Affecting Light Brightness

Color temperature

A higher color temperature will make people feel bright and clear, while a lower color temperature is soft and comfortable. Although color temperature affects people's perception of brightness, color temperature does not change the actual lumen value of a bulb.

Lamp Lifespan

As the bulb ages, some bulbs may experience dimming, a gradual decrease in lumen rating. Therefore, for enterprise procurement, choosing a bulb with long life and stable brightness can reduce the frequency of bulb replacement and save maintenance costs.

Reflection and refraction of light

The light fixture, lampshade, and surrounding environment where the bulb is installed may have an impact on the reflection and refraction of light. Reasonable lighting design and selection of the surrounding environment can improve the utilization rate of light, enhance the lighting effect, and provide more uniform and comfortable lighting.

Quality of light bulbs

Choose reliable brand products such as LEDVANCE light bulbs, which can ensure stable light output and longer lifespan.​


The light brightness is critical to work. In an office environment, adequate and bright lighting improves employee productivity and comfort. Paying attention to the brightness of the light will create a high-quality lighting environment for enterprises, improve work efficiency, save energy, and obtain better economic benefits.


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