Things to Know about Light Bulb Dimming

​More and more companies choose dimmable LED light as commercial lights, not only because of the advantages of LED lights to save costs for commercial operations but also because of the benefits of lighting effects brought about by the light bulb dimming. If you want to acquire more details about Dimmable LED lights for commercial use, please continue to browse this article!​

​Are LED Lights Dimmable?

Whether LEDs are dimmable depends on the driver used to control them. All LEDs require an electronic component called a driver, whose main function is to run the LED at the correct voltage and current, converting AC power to DC. Because the LED doesn't run on a power source, it operates on low voltage direct current. Moreover, in commercial lighting fixtures such as LED panels, downlights, and spotlights, the driver is often separated from the fixture which can facilitate the connection of dimming control lines.​​

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​Advantages of Dimmable LED Lights in Office

Save on operating costs: LED lights that dim consume less energy and, because they are dimmable, can further reduce energy consumption when dimming lights in areas of the office that do not require high brightness. Furthermore, due to the long lifespan of dimmable LED lights, it will cost less to use over time.

Improve production efficiency: LED lights have the characteristics of high color rendering (CRI) and high lumen level, which can bring sufficient lighting effects to the office to effectively improve the work efficiency of employees. Moreover, employees can dim or brighten the LED lights appropriately and independently according to their own needs to bring them the most comfortable office environment, thereby improving production efficiency.

Environmental-friendly: Dimmable LED lights do not contain harmful elements such as mercury, and only generate very little heat during work, which is conducive to protecting the environment and the health of employees.

Provide office flexibility: Dimmable LED lights can adjust the lighting effect according to the needs of the scene. Just one light can provide several lighting effects for different purposes such as product display, conference, collaboration, etc.​​​

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How many kinds of dimmers make LED light bulbs dimming?

O-10V dimmer

For commercial use, 0-10V dimmers are the most popular. Because its control is performed by a dedicated DC voltage signal ranging from 0 to 10 volts, it works well for LED installations. When you upgrade from fluorescent to LED lights, you won't need to worry about whether the switch will fit, just enjoy the benefits of LED. The brightness of the lamp varies with the voltage level of the control signal. It operates at 100% light output when full voltage is passed through, and at 0% output when no voltage is passed through.

Leading-edge dimmer

Leading edge dimming is the most common dimming method. And most are TRIAC dimmers, which phase-cut the AC waveform at the outset, reducing the amount of current the bulb receives. This type of dimmer is suitable for the high voltage applications required for most traditional lighting, while the biggest problem is sometimes humming or light flickering that may be caused by vibrations caused by the chopped AC signal.

Trailing-edge dimmer

Trailing edge dimmers are better suited for low-voltage lighting such as LEDs. They offer several advantages over leading-edge dimmers, including smoother control, soft start, and quiet operation during operation.

These dimmers can all be used with dimmable LEDs. However, trailing-edge dimmer is preferred for their advantages. Businesses can give more consideration to trailing-edge dimmers when purchasing LED dimmers.​​​

Dimmable NATURAL™ SERIES Light Bulb

NATURAL™ SERIES from LEDVANCE provides the best alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum. It improves employee productivity by controlling blue wavelengths to reduce glare and eye strain. Moreover, it's perfect for work that requires clean light color rendering to see true-to-life, vivid colors without sacrificing light output, such as photography studios, visual design, industrial design, and more. Properly saturates reds to make architectural spaces and skin tones accurate and vibrant without oversaturating, reducing energy efficiency. Excellent flicker performance and excellent dimming performance bring better visual comfort.​



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