American Institute of Architects

Goal:Reduce energy consumption and improve lighting quality for board members during meetings
Products Installed:17-watt PAR 30 Long Neck (LN) LED dimmable retrofit lamps, part of the SYLVANIA ULTRA High Performance Series
Annual Saving:Project scope = 81 lamps installed in the boardroom
Annual energy savings = 5,346 kWh or $866



Innovative design is a cornerstone of LEDVANCE’s work. It is no surprise then, when the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the echelon of American architecture, wanted to update the lighting in core areas of its headquarters, it turned to the North American lighting leader for a solution. The AIA, located in Washington, DC, sought to improve lighting conditions in the headquarters’ 2,500 square foot boardroom, while also conserving energy and reducing costs.


Partnering with the AIA, LEDVANCE sought to help the organization increase energy efficiency and brighten working spaces through the installation of long-life and environmentally preferable LED retrofit lamps. Having recently introduced the second generation of its ULTRA High Performance Series lamps, a line of LED lamps designed to be direct replacements for traditional lighting sources, including incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps, LEDVANCE knew this product was an ideal solution to meet the needs of the AIA and the objectives of its board members.


The SYLVANIA ULTRA High Performance Series lamps utilize state-of-the art LED technology to provide energy efficient alternatives to traditional lighting technologies. The retrofit of the AIA boardroom replaced 50-watt PAR halogen bulbs (which had already replaced 150-watt incandescent reflector bulbs) with the SYLVANIA ULTRA 17-watt PAR 30 Long Neck LED lamps, providing 970 lumens of high quality illumination at appropriate light levels for the board members, while significantly reducing energy use in the space. 

Designed to be a direct replacement for standard incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps, the ULTRA Series of LED-based lamps offer increased lumen output, dimming functionality, attractive family styling and can be used both indoors  and out. Mercury and lead free, SYLVANIA ULTRA LED lamps are an environmentally preferable alternative to existing light sources, and are suitable for commercial and residential applications.

The ULTRA High Performance Series LED lamps are higher-grade LED retrofit lamps designed to efficiently emit the highest quality light possible. These lamps exhibit excellent color quality – within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse. The ULTRA High Performance Series has equally impressive color-rendering with a CRI of 95 and exceptionally rich deep red content with an R9 of greater than 60, all with efficacies higher than 50 lumens per watt.


As a result of the 81 lamp retrofit installation, the AIA boardroom was transformed from a dimly lit space in need of constant maintenance, to an illuminated workspace that supports productivity. Board members now enjoy brighter desktops with readings of 32 footcandles measured – a marked improvement over the 15 footcandles provided by the boardroom’s older technology bulbs.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of higher quality and more consistent light, the new SYLVANIA lamps dramatically reduce energy consumption and are saving the AIA an estimated $866 per year in energy costs compared with the original incandescent installation. The lamps are also contributing to maintenance cost savings as the life of the LEDs is up to 10 times longer than standard incandescents, reducing the need for frequent replacement.


Not only did the new lamps reduce energy consumption and cut energy costs, they have created a noticeably better work environment for board members. The home of architecture's most prestigious professional organization now boasts a lighting solution as innovative and design conscious as the AIA members it represents. 



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