Grand Geneva Resort & Spa Lake Geneva, WI

Goal:Save energy, lower costs and create a consistent look throughout the destination location
Products Installed:
103 SYLVANIA ULTRA LED™ RT8 Recessed Downlight Kits
116 SYLVANIA SubstiTUBE® T8 LED Lamps
70 SYLVANIA ULTRA HE LED T8 Retrofit Downlight Kits
450 feet of OSRAM LINEARlight FLEX® Advanced and Short Pitch Flexible Indoor LED Modules
Annual Saving:
Energy savings – 928,441 kWh
Maintenance savings – $7,500
Energy cost savings – $76,000
Annual CO2 emissions savings = 1,944,934 pounds of CO2
Payback period – 1.3 years


The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, owned and managed by Marcus® Hotels & Resorts, is an award-winning all-season resort set on 1,300 acres in the legendary southeastern Wisconsin community of Lake Geneva, just 90 minutes from Chicago and 50 minutes from Milwaukee.  The property features 355 guest rooms; the WELL Spa + Salon; two championship 18-hole golf courses; The Mountain Top, a three-chair/18-run ski and snowboard facility; 62,000 square feet of meeting and convention space; and three restaurants. 
“Whatever the time of year, our visitors are always discovering something new - from a hillside turning crimson in autumn to the joys of ‘Christmas in the Country,’ our annual winter celebration.  In every season, you'll know you are enjoying the rewards of staying at one of the nation's premier vacation destinations,” said Steven Magnuson, managing director of Grand Geneva Resort & Spa.
The destination location used a combination of halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting throughout the resort and wanted to upgrade to more energy-efficient options to save money and improve the look and feel of the resort.  “We believe the details matter in making each guest’s stay special.  For example, the bathroom mirrors in our guest rooms have TVs embedded in them.  This level of sophistication also applied to the objectives we had for our lighting,” said Jim Crothers, director of facilities, Grand Geneva Resort & Spa.  “The variety of lighting products used created varying looks throughout the resort because of the different color temperatures.  We wanted more style and consistency with 2700K lighting.”

The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa turned to lighting leader LEDVANCE for a wide range of long-life SYLVANIA LED and traditional products that met the illumination and design needs of the resort.  “SYLVANIA is a brand known for decades.  We were impressed with the quality of the light from the SYLVANIA products, and knew it was a brand and team we could trust,” said Crothers.
Fixtures in the hallways were replaced with 27-watt SYLVANIA ULTRA LED RT8 Recessed Downlight Kits.  Easy-to-install and dimmable down to 10% with standard 120V electronic low voltage dimmers, damp-rated ULTRA RT LED kits are ENERGY STAR qualified and optimized for new construction and retrofit applications, providing high quality white light over a long rated life of 50,000 hours (L70). 
Dimmable 6-watt SYLVANIA ULTRA LED B13 lamps were placed at the entries of the guest rooms and 9-watt SYLVANIA ULTRA LED BR30 lamps were installed in the hallways and restaurants.  To accentuate the merchandise in the gift shop, 7-watt SYLVANIA ULTRA MR16 and ULTRA PRO HD LED PAR lamps were used, delivering exceptional color quality and efficiency.  Both are characterized by smooth, artifact-free beams that truly replicate the halogen lamps that they replace in terms of lumen output and intensity from center of the beam throughout the field.  With outstanding color rendering capabilities (90+ typical CRI) and exceptionally rich deep-red content (R9 up to 85), ULTRA PRO HD LED lamps enhance the merchandise in the gift shop by enriching all color palettes and making whites crisper. 
In the restrooms, SYLVANIA SubstiTUBE LED T8 Tubes were used.  These LED T8 lamps offer a uniform light distribution with an optimized optic design. Engineered to operate on electronic fluorescent ballasts, these 50,000-hour (L70lamps were installed in existing fixtures for an easy retrofit.  In back-of-house areas, 21 and 28-watt SYLVANIA OCTRON 800 XP XL SUPERSAVER ECOLOGIC3 fluorescent T8 lamps and 19-watt SYLVANIA ULTRA HE LED T8 retrofit kits were installed.  OCTRON 800 XP XL SUPERSAVER ECOLOGIC3 lamps feature eXtended Life benefits of up to 75,000 hours life on instant start ballasts and 84,000 hours life on programmed rapid start ballasts.  SYLVANIA ULTRA HE LED T8 retrofit kits are an energy-saving and longer-life alternative to replace traditional fluorescent T12 or T8 lamps.  In addition, 450 feet of OSRAM LINEARlight FLEX Advanced and Short Pitch Flexible Indoor LED Modules were installed as cove lighting in ballrooms.
“While we were very impressed with the lighting products, we were also equally appreciative of the service.  The SYLVANIA team was always responsive to our needs and stopped in frequently to answer questions and ensure everything was going smoothly,” said Crothers.

As a result of the lighting upgrade, the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa projects an annual energy saving of 928,441 kWh, which is a 75 percent reduction in energy use.  This translates into $76,000 and $7,500 in energy and maintenance savings respectively, and 1,944,934 pounds of COemissions reduced each year.   The project has a payback of less than a year and a half.  Now the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa is working on the next phase to retrofit the guest rooms and additional back-of-house and kitchen areas.  “The consistent high quality lighting throughout the resort is truly wonderful,” said Crothers.  “In addition to the cost savings, the new SYLVANIA lighting really showcases the beauty of our wonderful sanctuary.”

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