​Montreal, Quebec​

Provide better illumination in parking areas, hotel and conference rooms, and office areas, while saving energy
ANTICIPATED ANNUAL SAVINGS:Energy savings – 365,158 kWh 
Energy cost savings – $24,985
Maintenance savings – $27,159
CO2 emissions savings – 265,013 kilograms of CO2


Whether visiting Montréal for work or for leisure, you’ll enjoy personalized service and staff members who are experts at anticipating your needs at the Hôtel Le Crystal.  This five-star hotel offers an indoor saltwater pool, panoramic views of the Montréal skyline, and an innovative cuisine using products from local artisans. For business guests, the hotel keeps things crisp but unconventional and inspiring to put a fresh, new spin on the downtown meeting experience with up to 6,000 square feet of state-of-the-art event space flooded with natural light.  The Hôtel Le Crystal can provide creative and efficient meeting planning and catering for events ranging from intimate to grand.

“As an establishment aware of its impact on the environment, we are proud to be at the forefront of Montréal’s green-friendly hotel community.  We employ state-of-the-art technology to decrease energy consumption,” said Francois Guité, administrator, Hôtel Le Crystal.  “We saw an opportunity with our lighting to save energy while enhancing the guest experience at the hotel.”  In addition to wanting to save energy, hotel management wanted to increase visibility in the parking garage so guests had a greater sense of security, and keep the pleasing look throughout the establishment.



To improve its lighting, the Hôtel Le Crystal turned to LED solutions from LEDVANCE.  The 4100K fluorescent lamps in the parking garage were replaced with SYLVANIA SubstiTUBE® IPS T8 LED 5000K lamps which provide a brighter, whiter light that can help facilitate quick vehicle identification and increase pedestrian visibility, enhancing safety and feelings of comfort in the garage.  SubstiTUBE IPS T8 LED lamps with a 3000K color temperature were installed in hotel and conference rooms, in addition to the office areas, saving energy while maintaining the warm daylight color of the lighting and giving occupants the option to dim the light as needed.  Six watt SYLVANIA ORIOS™ MR16 LED Lamps replaced the 35 watt halogen MR16 lamps, resulting in additional energy savings without changing the lighting aesthetics of the hotel.   

SYLVANIA SubstiTUBE IPS T8 LED lamps are engineered to operate on existing instant start and select programmed rapid start (parallel-wiring) electronic T8 ballasts providing energy savings up to 40 percent over T8 fluorescent lamps.  These shatter resistant T8 LED lamps contain no mercury, provide instant light and uniform light distribution and are available in 3000K, 3500K, 4100K and 5000K color temperatures.  Due to their long rated life of 50,000 hours (L70), these lamps reduce maintenance and lamp recycling costs.

SYLVANIA ORIOS MR16 LED lamps offer a great value and at six watts provide savings up to 84 percent compared to 30 watt MR16 halogen lamps.  The lamps are ideal for accent/display lighting, recessed downlighting, and track lighting at art galleries and museums, commercial and office space, hotels, residential, restaurants, and retail applications.  These long-life MR16 LED lamps are rated at up to 15,000 hours life (L70), lasting more than 7 times longer than halogen lamps.  Available in 25° and 35° beam angles and dimmable to 10 percent, lamps have a 3000K color temperature similar to halogen and a CRI of 83.  Suitable for use in damp locations, they are free of UV and IR radiation, minimizing discoloration and fading of materials.



“We are very proud of the Hôtel Le Crystal and appreciate how the new SYLVANIA lighting enhances our beautiful location and helps us meet our sustainability objectives by saving energy,” said Guité.  As a result of the Hôtel Le Crystal upgrading its lighting, the destination projects an annual saving of 365,158 kWh, translating into $24,985 in energy savings and avoidance of 265,013 kilograms of CO2 emissions from electricity plants.  In addition, because of the long life of the lighting systems, the hotel also expects to save approximately $27,159 in maintenance costs per year.


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