Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky Improves the illuminiation without affecting the horses.

Goal:Improve the illuminiation in a heavily trafficked area, while ensuring the new lights didn't negatively affect the horses.

27 SYLVANIA  Canopy LED Luminaires

The exciting and prestigious World’s Championship Horse Show is held annually in conjunction with the State Fair at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky and crowns world champion saddlebreds in different divisions.  The weeklong show attracts spectators and competitors from across the world and includes over 2,000 horses competing for more than $1 million in awards determined by a panel of equestrian professionals.  In addition, the Expo Center hosts other major events throughout the year, like the North American International Livestock Exposition and North American Championship Rodeo.

Horseshow Manager Scarlett Mattson wanted to improve the lighting in the 225-yard long horse chute that connects the permanent horse stall area with the arena entrance.  The walkway was lit by compact fluorescent fixtures that weren’t providing enough light, in Mattson’s opinion.  In addition, the lighting was 4100K and Facility Management wanted the color temperature to match the 5000K Wall Packs that run parallel to the horse chute and are mounted to the outside Expo Center walls.  As a result, Kevin McCoy, Assistant Director of Operations, met with the team from LEDVANCE, formerly LEDVANCE, to discuss possible solutions.

In order to provide improved illumination for the riders, horses and personnel walking through the horse chute, the compact fluorescent fixtures were replaced with 40-watt SYLVANIA Canopy LED luminaires that deliver bright white 5000K light, matching the existing Wall Packs and providing a uniform color temperature both inside and outside of the horse chute.  As a result of the new fixtures, illumination on the ground as well as on the walls of the horse chute space was improved, filling the space with more usable light without creating additional glare for the horses and riders.  “Not to sound cliché, but seriously the difference in the lighting was night and day,” said McCoy.  “The horse chute is now so well lit.  It really is impressive.”  Mattson added, “It wasn’t just about putting in powerful LED fixtures though.  The light had to be high quality and well distributed, because glare could spook the animals.  This wasn’t a concern with the SYLVANIA fixtures.” 

SYLVANIA Canopy LED luminaires are environmentally preferable alternatives to traditional luminaires, offering up to 78 percent energy savings.  In addition to being a viable alternative to CFL fixtures, they can also replace HID recessed downlight systems.  Ideal as a retrofit or in new installations, the Canopy series is offered in 40 and 55-watt versions for use in canopies, entryways, parking garages and stairwells, delivering between 4800 and 6200 lumens in 4000K and 5000K.  The low profile design of these extremely durable luminaires is beneficial for installation in low ceilings spaces, and is aesthetically pleasing.  SYLVANIA luminaires assure optimum performance for extended service and rated life (≥125,000 hours L70).  The DLC Premium-listed luminaire is designed to operate through the 120-277 VAC universal voltage range.  The driver is 0-10V dimmable down to 12 percent.

Mattson, McCoy and everyone involved were very pleased with the results from the SYLVANIA fixtures.  “When a rider and their horse travel down the horse chute and approach the arena entrance, they are getting ready to perform to the best of their ability for all the world to see.  It was only appropriate to have high quality lighting as they make their way to what could be a life-changing moment, and the SYLVANIA lighting really helps build that feeling of being a champion,” said McCoy.


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