Montreal Auto Prix, Montreal, Quebec

Goal:To improve light quality while reducing energy usage and costs
Products Installed:
36 SYLVANIA High Bay Luminaires
40 SYLVANIA Edge-Lit Panels
6 SYLVANIA Canopy Luminaires
3 SYLVANIA Wall Packs
Annual Savings:
Energy savings = around 70,000 kWh
Energy cost savings = $6,180  


Montreal Auto Prix touts itself as “the most recognized automobile distributor in the greater Montreal area,” and the car dealership delivers quality used cars at warehouse prices.  Even the best vehicle at the best price though can get a pass from a potential buyer if it doesn’t look good as a result of subpar lighting.  “Presentation is key in any retail location, and lighting plays a huge part in showcasing your inventory,” said Sylvain Lamoureux, Montreal Auto Prix president.  “We have beautiful vehicles at our locations and wanted them to show them off in the best light possible.  We definitely saw room for improvement with our existing lighting and wanted to enhance how we looked to our customers, while also saving money on our electric bill.”  

Montreal Auto Prix decided to test the waters with switching to LED lighting in one of their locations in order to improve the illumination and save energy and money.  The auto dealership chose long-lasting, energy-saving SYLVANIA LED indoor and outdoor luminaires from LEDVANCE, environmentally preferable LED luminaires that are ideal in place of traditional options or in new installations and assure optimum light engine performance for extended service and rated life (from 50,000 to 150,000 hours L70).  The order was handled by Nedco, one of the largest electrical wholesale suppliers providing a wide range of products for residential electricians and commercial contractors and large industrial organizations across Canada.



“We strive to impress current and potential customers in our showrooms with our vehicles, so it was especially important that the lighting helped create an inviting atmosphere and showcased the automobiles well,” said Lamoureux.  Here, metal halide high bays were replaced with SYLVANIA High Bay LED Luminaires which deliver energy savings of up to 67 percent and last up to 150,000 hours (L70).  In comparison to the previous lighting, the LED luminaires delivered a cleaner, crisper illumination which really brought out the colors of the vehicles.  Offered in 100, 200, 300 watt versions and delivering up to 123 lumens per watt, SYLVANIA High Bay Luminaires are lightweight with a traditional design and interchangeable optics.  These luminaires are offered in three wattages/lumen packages for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail, gymnasiums, and loading docks.   

In the sales areas, another location where making a good impression with customers is important, the traditional fluorescent 2X4 troffers were replaced with SYLVANIA Edge-Lit Panels which offer up to 47 percent in energy savings and last up to 50,000 hours (L70).  Available in three sizes for illuminating office, retail or hospitality areas, these SYLVANIA indoor LED luminaires are 0-10V dimmable down to 10 percent, have a slim design that is beneficial for installation in tight ceilings spaces, and offer low glare and uniform illumination.  

Outside by the garage and back doors, 250 watt traditional fixtures were replaced with SYLVANIA Canopy Luminaires and Non-Cutoff Wall Packs that offer up to 78 percent in energy savings, last up to 125,000 or 150,000 hours (L70) respectively, and are available in several wattages/lumen packages for illuminating building exteriors, parking garages, outdoor corridors, walkways and stairwells.  Like the SYLVANIA Edge-Lit Panels, the extremely durable SYLVANIA Canopy Luminaires have a slim design for installing in tight ceilings spaces and are aesthetically pleasing.  The housing of the SYLVANIA Non-Cutoff Wall Pack is a perfect fit for replacing existing traditional luminaires, and it is available with photo control.  



Lamoureux said, “We are so happy with how the lighting upgrade went that we are looking at changing to SYLVANIA LED lighting in our other locations.”  In addition to enjoying beautiful light, Montreal Auto Prix is also benefiting from annual energy cost savings of $6,180, thanks to the SYLVANIA LED lighting from LEDVANCE.  As a result of the LED lighting upgrade, the office building is saving approximately 70,000 kWh annually.


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